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  1. Last year I promised to get a tattoo if I reached my goal. So I did. My wife also decided she wanted the same thing (her 13th). And this year I decided to do the same thing if I meet my goal. "Missouri is #1 flyover state" - Jabroni Times
  2. I don't think mine was there because of a format issue on my original post. Mine is "Missouri is #1 flyover state" - Jabroni Times
  3. That's very awesome! Great work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I just got my Twitch working. I'm at -- I have been doing some test streams and will probably start doing a weekly "show" with my wife or guest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I have done giveaways before but they don't get a lot of traction. Usually only a small fraction of gamers donate to my efforts. Coworkers and relatives make up a giant portion of my donations. This year I'm going after the gamers by asking them to play NES Ultimate Remix (3ds) and try to set the high score. That person wins the prize. Good luck with your raffle, the prize sounds unique and fun! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. If I were a rich man I'd take my Extra Life friends out bowling since its like a mile from my house!
  7. If you're still producing I'd love to get at least one! I'm curious... Did you post some video game related vinyl on Instagram last head? I remember seeing stuff just like it!
  8. Now that my wife and I bought a house, we host. Prior to that it was mostly friends on Xbox Live. Seems like everyone knows how important food is! My first two years I'd wake up and have a 32oz or larger smoothie. That would always get me through lunch or later, then pizza or a sandwich. Probably going to continue that again this year. I don't so energy drinks or coffee because I'm sensitive to caffeine. Usually about a week or two prior to the marathon I'll check all the 360 games for updates so there won't be a lot of waiting around. Luckily I did this yesterday. Most importantly I wear My Extra Life or other gaming shirt and have a ton of fun!
  9. My first Extra Life we used Ustream with an Xbox Live Vision camera pointed at the screen. It wasn't ideal but it worked! Going to attempt to use Twitch this year! UPDATE: Tested and for some reason can't get ustream working. Going to still try to borrow a PC yet to try and use Twitch.
  10. This is my 4th year participating in Extra Life. In that time my notification has changed. First it was sheer fun of doing something like this as a gaming enthusiast. Then it sort of shifted. Now I do it for the kids in my life: the nieces and a nephew along with all my friends kids. Several friends have kids who've been diagnosed with cancer. Two are still fighting, one has beaten it. Though my wife and I never plan to have children, it's been important to find a way to give back. Maybe I've just hit that point in my life where I realized I'm not the only person who is important. I also signed up over the weekend to become an organ donor.
  11. $136 raised of my $1,000 goal. I've been shaking the usual trees, but things seem slower than previous years. Hoping it picks up with a month left to go! Of course we did raise about $100 on gameday in 2013, which was unexpected!
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