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  1. Hello Guildies,


    Here is the schedule for Maker Faire,The schedule might change to due to the volunteers availability but i will alert you if that happens.


    June 24th

    June 25th

    Brigid Derby 10am – 2pm

    David Finch 10am – 5pm



    Ashley Finch 12pm – 4pm

    Brigid Derby 12pm  4pm



    Spades Lunn 2pm – 6pm

    Ashley Finch 10am – 5pm





    Your booth is located inside. Please find below your booth number.

    Project Name: Extra Life Kansas City Guild
    Booth Location: Grand Hall 20

    Maps will be provided at Check-In for you to find your booth location. We cannot provide a map in advance. Thank you for your understanding.



    Load in times for Maker Faire Kansas City are Friday, June 23, 9AM - 6PM and Saturday, June 24, 6:00AM - 8:30AM. Load in on Friday must be completed by 8PM. Saturday load in must be completed by 9:00AM, an hour before showtime! Cars on Saturday must be moved by 8:30AM. Cars not moved will be towed at owner's expense.

    Drive to the "Carriage Pavilion" from Pershing Road in the front of the building. See map below. You will have 15 minutes to unload the items from your car to your booth location. Cars will need to be moved to West Yards Garage once items are unloaded. Please print and complete THIS form to be placed on your dashboard. Inside the Post Office Doors, STOP at Maker Registration to pick up your packet - this will have all your items for the weekend including parking passes, wristbands, lanyards, badges and more!

    Do you need a dock load-in for your project? Please inform Margaret Hoang at mhoang@unionstation.org ASAP.

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  2. Hey Guys,


    I have created the schedule for those who were at the Kick Off Meeting last month who signed up to volunteer. It is a small con so there will be light foot traffic so it will give the newbies some time to practice with the vets. We will be car pooling  if that is ok with everyone. I don't want you do not have to waste you own gas. If you wanted to meet up at my place so you guys can leave your cars in a safe place you are more then welcome to.


    If you have questions or want to join in on the fun message me.



    The current schedule is as follows: 


    Saturday: (3/25)


    10am-5pm: Sean, Brigid, Rashida



    Sunday: (3/526)


    10am-5pm: David, Ashley, Joseph


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  3. To my fellow Extra Lifers. (Especially the ones in Los Angeles)



    Me and my wife will be going to E3 this year and I was wanting to offer up some of our time if you guys do end up getting a booth this year like we did last year the get people signed up. I know it is months away, but I just wanted to offer it up if you needed it.

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  4. Ashley and I have already recruited 7 people last night at SoPro's Lockin. I suggest if you do any of the SoPro events is to catch them when they enter the facility before they get to gaming. you will get a better interaction with the players.

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