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  1. Maaaaaaybe A little out of pocket right now as I am out of town and the wifi stinks here, but I plan on hanging around the Twitch channel more often. So we'll see. Until then, who wants to step up to the plate?
  2. Sometimes people just don't pay attention, or they find it easier to click reply instead of finding the unsubscribe button, so occasionally I also try to remind them it exists.
  3. For me, using the email feature has been what works the best. If I could boil it down to a few tips, it would be this, just be you. Write about you, write about your fundraising, give them updates occasionally when the total raised rises occasionally. And most of all, if someone replies and asks to be taken of the list, a friend, a coworker, a former neighbor. I would recommend you try not to take it personally, which is easier said than done. I'm dealing with that at the moment, and that's why I am writing this. It's ok, take them off, apologize if you want to, and move forward. Remember we are doing a great thing here. Some people just get too much email, or they already do a lot of charity work, there could be any number of reasons they ask to be taken off your list. Of course, it's not the same for everyone, what works depends on your audience. For some people Twitter, Facebook or whatever might be what works best for you. If it works for you, do that.
  4. Check out what I found today. It's NES "demake" of Desert Bus and it's a free NES Rom which will likely run with RetroArch which I linked in the emulation thread. it will probably also work on a console with a flash cart. NESertBus Get it? Lol
  5. Oh, right, yeah, the "cheating" is now part of the rule set in that edition. Didn't think of that.
  6. WELCOME! Glad you are here! Great company, indeed.
  7. Any of these aftermarket consoles are ok, even my AVS, but, original hardware is best, if it still works. I have an NES also. I looked at the other aftermarket consoles and did consider a RetroN5, but I don't like the software emulation, and actually Hyperkin may be voiding the open source licenses of the emulators, but I think they've been trying to make it right by also releasing their source. I could be wrong but that's what I read, not sure. What's funny is, I think the emulator they are using is RetroArch, or the core of it, libRetro. I mentioned RetroArch in the emulation thread.
  8. Ah, I don't know why I hadn't thought about ASICs, I have a few laying around. I guess I didn't make the connection in my head,
  9. Heh, yeah, ok. You don't have to weigh in. Most of my machines, especially the ones at work stay on all the time. As far as my laptop though, there's a driver glitch that makes screen go all weird if I let it go into standby, so I have to reboot it anyway, I think rolling back the drivers should fix it, but I just haven't gotten around to it.
  10. Indeed, everyone should read it.
  11. There are some internet connected BBSes that still have it, also DoorMUD. In fact I think one of the door game servers my BBS is connected to has DoorMUD.
  12. I would say, be careful, especially on a laptop. All mining can tax a processor and generate a lot of heat. I do sometimes run other miners in the browser, on my gaming laptop but when I do I shut it down after a few hours to let it cool off. It IS though a good way to generate some extra funds for CMN, and that is always a good thing.
  13. Actually, come to think of it, my first year I did play in an arcade.
  14. Interstate 76, hah. Also, yeah, I did buy MAV.
  15. The only Old School-ish RPG I really ever played was maybe Chrono Cross, after that I didn't play one until Kingdom Hearts.
  16. I'm going to have to add the Sonic too, especially 2 and 3 with the Sonic & Knuckles cart.
  17. I've played some of the games that MAME provides the ROMs for for free. I do play a lot of retro games too on occasion, like old DOS games. I know I'm replying nearly 4 years after you posted this, I would have sooner if I had seen your post. As far as goals, met mine and in some cases past it the last three years that I've participated.
  18. Here are some MAME arcade roms that are legal to download. Provided by the MAME website itself. On the RetroAchievements site they also have a couple of free Genesis roms.
  19. Ever play Netrek? Or any variants? They're multiplayer Star Trek inspired games that have been around for many years and still developed today. Here's where you can find out about Netrek: Netrek Nexus Here's an entirely text based one called mtrek:
  20. Hey, if you haven't yet, come join MetaGamerScore.some of us are there and have been for a while. It combines multiple gamer scores from other platforms like consoles and Steam, even RetroAchievements that I mentioned in the Retro section of the forum.
  21. I am digging through some of these older threads and adding new input, why? Because some of them are still plenty relevant and maybe some newer people still need to see them. Funny, I was going to respond that I don't really experience this much, until I saw my own post, I totally forgot some people reacted a little bit negatively when I participated in my first couple of marathons, but now, more and more people have been behind me almost 100%, but I know some of the newer participants might not be as lucky. Keep your heads up high, you're doing a good thing, some people are just going to be closed minded and not understand. They may not realize the impact of what we, or any of the other gaming charities or charity events do. Go, go and change the world, and SHOW those naysayers what we do.
  22. I do, especially NES games as of late, since I have an NES. I've definitely gone digging for the diamonds in the rough, those NES games that were good, but most of the collectors might not be going for, because they weren't the major known ones.
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