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  1. I am so bummed that I'll be out of town for this event. Southern Fried holds a special place in my heart. Southern Fried was the first big event we got to attend as a Guild over 3 years ago. We were there their first year and they've welcomed us back ever since. Everyone there is SUPER friendly and the staff are awesome. I hope people who have been on the fence about manning tables really dives in and does Southern Fried. Go Extra Life!
  2. I can do Day 3 - May 28th - 2nd shift: 2pm - 6pm This is a great event! I think we'll get a lot of sign ups at this event. Nice work guys!
  3. Hey Guildies! Sometimes our Guild doesn't have the means to create a rockin' con table. I noticed when there's something to do or something going on- people will migrate toward the booth. So what do you do if you don't have those things? Many times, we can't bring monitors or consoles to our events. So creating an enticing table is hard. This might be something you all do already or have a better way but I was at a con last weekend promoting Extra Life and I decided to bring out my surface and play an Extra Life video on repeat all day. I used the 2014 Extra Life United recap video and listenonrepeat.com to just run the same video over and over on full screen. It gave an additional visual to my table and also something for people to watch and opened them for questions. Even having the sound seemed to make the table more exciting. I know this isn't doable w/o internet, so is there any better way? What ways can we spice up our tables to create a bigger impact on the crowd? Do you offer to play card games or dice games if you don't have a console? Do you sing and dance? Show up in cosplay and take pics while talking about Extra Life?
  4. So I would say last weekend went really well! Any after thoughts about what worked and what didn't? My time in the morning was slow but that was because most people weren't there yet. People did come by and seeing our banner and table cloth just asked, "what's extra life?" so it was nice to see how accessible we were. A few people came to me and said they knew about us and they were easy to get to sign up. I might have had about 4 people sign up using the phone app (which is AWESOME!!!) Being slow and quiet there wasn't much for me to do to get people's attention, but a good note to pass on the the next meeting is that during these events you become neighbors with the other vendor tables, so take some time and talk to them about it. 2 of my sign ups were fellow vendors who said they had friends who would be interested too. Great work everyone! I had a great time and I think this is a great start to the year!
  5. Oh yeah @Bacchanalian mentioned somewhere that if buying more of those shirts was an option- I would pay any price. They were really cool and I would love to have more to wear while I do guild events and stream.
  6. I'll do Shift 3 - Saturday 10am- 2pm I also have some stuff for the leadership that I'll bring. I can leave it at the booth so Todd can get it.
  7. I feel like I'm going to repeat a lot of things that were already said or that I already commented on in the PC Track feedback forum. I agree the shirts were really amazing. It was kind of hilarious that we were only given one shirt for 8+ hour days for 3 days. We did all turn into the gamer stereotype by being a bit smelly. I do events like this as a living and I knew the shirts were more expensive but maybe a nice shirt and a cheaper t-shirt would have worked a bit better. I liked the bag we got as well and the snacks in it were thoughtful. I liked the layout and I stated some comments about it on the PC track forum but it was good and bad for being in such a close proximity to the streaming and the other tracks. I flip back and forth on the layout being good and bad though. It would have been cool to be able to play more- maybe a point system tournament so we weren't standing around most of the time (not a horrible thing, we got to chat and watch other games). The food was awesome and the snacks were greatly appreciated, and the staff members were all great (they kind of have to be at Disney though, don't they?!) I put this in the PC Track but I'll repeat it here. I hope next year we have some time created for Guild members to meet and go over best practices and policies. Many of us did this casually throughout the event but having Extra Life leadership there to guide and collect this feedback/discussion would be really helpful for Guild members. Even if it's during a lunch break and not a required meeting- just a chance to meet other guild members and go over what has and has not worked for us. Same with the time to play with the kids- this was the most incredible moment of the whole event for me. It was awesome to see so many kids and families interact with gamers and we enjoyed it just as much. Because I'm an old grump- it was a bit late in the night for me so I missed a chance to hang out for a long time, but that was a "me" issue. I think having a few more volunteers would have helped a bit too- I heard people tried to volunteer but the spaces were already filled. The pin exchange was a cluster- some were moving along the line of tables while others were queuing up behind each table so the whole process wasn't clear. It worked out okay in the end, but I heard many people get frustrated at people "cutting" only to learn that they were moving a long a completely different line. I do want to give kudos to these forums for preparing attendees about the exchange. I saw a bunch of people with wonderful little gifts so the meeting didn't feel so one sided. I found out there was a discount to the parks via the Momentum conference but we weren't shared this information. I know a lot of us love going to the parks with each other and having this info would have been nice because a lot of people couldn't go due to funds but would have been able to knowing the cheaper option was there. It was someone in a facebook post that said we could get cheaper tickets through the momentum link. Having the time to meet our hospital reps was a great opportunity too. It was nice to see them just as excited about what we do as we are.
  8. I'm really glad I got to participate in the PC track. While I was jarred by the sudden change in games- I think these games were better suited for time and a tourney style play. I really liked the setup, it was easy to move around and watch other tracks and see friends during downtime I heard the same feedback from people watching at home that they couldn't really see much PC track streaming and there were no posted brackets so they didn't want to watch the whole day in hopes of seeing when me or my track came up. I parrot the comment of allowing us to submit our gamer tag instead of our real names. Other conventions will allow you submit a nickname that will also be printed on your name tag- so we could do this in the future and when we post names- we submit that name. It would be weird hearing out your gamer tag though- so I'm not sure if this is the BEST solution. Maybe just ask the people right before they decide to stream what name they want posted. Recording so close to our track, I heard some not very PG things being yelled- I can neither confirm nor deny it was from my mouth- that made it on the stream. There's no way to ask people to keep it PG while playing but having mics so close to the playing field opens it up to getting on air. There was some frustration that while I was playing "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" there was the dance off happening on stage only 50 feet away from me. We had to scream to hear each other. Being more mindful of all the tracks and coordinating around them would have helped but that sounds like a logistical unicorn. The playing started late as well, but I know Extra Life didn't manage that- we had many people who didn't start playing until after lunch. Then, when it started going it was a cluster of yelling. The Twitch staff were awesome and tried really hard to make it a smooth tourney- which I would say the succeeded, even with all the bumps along the way. I LOVED the time playing with the kids- we were all excited to share what we love with them and they must have loved the break to just kick back and have fun after the pin ceremony. It was really organic having us around them and helping out when needed. I got my butt kicked in rocket league more times than I care to admit. This was really the best part of the event for me. I think it was awesome for the kids but even more awesome for us gamers to meet and play who we are playing for. Please, if possible, don't ever remove this from future events. Not PC track related - but I really would like to see a time, maybe just during lunch that we carve out for Guild members to meet and discuss their best practices and policies. We did this casually throughout the entire event but I'd like it to have some guidance from Rick as a group. I think a lot of Guild leadership struggle with the same issues and this is an excellent opportunity to have a mini conference with some of the participating Guilds to share. Overall, I'm amazing at how wonderful everyone at this event is and I think this year went really well considering it was all new territory. I love the partnerships we had with Twitch and I appreciate that they were in the same brackets as us so we had more Extra Lifers in the top. Many people shared tips on streaming, fund raising and solid friendships were formed. Well done!
  9. Smart idea to start this thread! I'm bringing some simple friendship bracelets I got a a bulk party store for the pin exchange. It was the only thing I could think of that was simple, gender friendly, and affordable. I haven't really thought past that part yet- I always bring my 3DS with me on trips to occupy my travel time. I think if you're able, bring food and drinks because everything is so expensive at the hotels - ditto on the ubmrella/poncho. Pack like you would for any other con - comfy shoes, a light jacket, pain relievers (if needed), phone charger, etc. See you all there!
  10. This is awesome for those of us who didn't make it!! Thank you guys and looking forward to this year!
  11. I think this is a very nice idea and I've thought of it as well. I'm debating on buying some small toys or friendship bracelets from a bulk store like oriental trading company. I wouldn't do candy or edibles because you just never know with kids. It'll have to be small so it will fit in my luggage.
  12. Finally got my registration! I'm SO excited to be coming back- I'm ready to win big for my hospital!!!!
  13. Hey Everyone, Below are the notes from our last meeting for 2015. Let us know if you have questions/comments! Agenda: Filled out All About You Forms & greeted Beth, our new hospital contact!! Beth shared our numbers so far: We've raised over $68,000!! We're so close to 70! It's not too late to continue to raise funds!! Over 554 participants for Atlanta! Average growth per year is $12k Average participation growth is 91 January is our Atlanta Leadership meeting- we'll go over goals and plans for 2016. President position is open! Please send your interest to Beth ( ) link is on our facebook page and in these forums Deadline is January 3rd! Upcoming events: Jan 22- Wizard World Gaming Convention January 31st - first 2016 Guild Meeting (staying with the last Sunday of every month) location TBD - any ideas or suggestions? March - Offcial 2016 Guild Launch at Scottish Rite- we'll meet and play games with the kids! Great work everyone! Don't forget there's still time to recruit and accept donations for this year!
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