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  1. until
    We're having another Rocket League tournament at Joystick Gamebar, 427 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312 at 6:00PM on Thursday, October 8th. All proceeds from Joystick's arcade machines will go to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta through Extra Life, so bring your quarters! Immediately following the competition Adam Darby AKA DJ Black Sunshine will be performing in Joystick's new starship room.Sign-up your team of 2 to compete at http://goo.gl/forms/SelCE7SrcJ This tournament is organized by Atlanta Gamers for Life (www.atlgamers.org). Tournament Details: - 21+ only please - Sixteen spots are available. Sign-up will be first-come-first-served. - Check-in will start at 5:00PM. Teams should arrive by 6:00PM. - Pick Up teams may join any empty bracket slots on a first-come, first-served basis at 6:00PM. (Any late comer teams, please take note.) - Matches will be 2v2 in 4-person split screen mode on a PS4. -Tournament will be single-elimination "knock-out" style. - Prizes to be announced soon
  2. until
    Play Rocket League. Be awesome. Win TomorrowWorld Passes. https://www.facebook.com/events/945515208820535/ Thursday September 3rd, Atlanta Gamers for Life will be hosting Joystick's first Rocket League tournament open to anyone aged 21 and over.It'll be 2 vs. 2 single-elimination tournament played on a PS4. Costs nothing to enter. Sign-ups are currently full, but join the waitlist to be eligible to replace any absent teams: rocket-league.com/league/615.Every quarter put into the arcade games that night will go directly to help sick kids via Extra Life.Prizes:3rd - Pair of Friday passes to TomorrowWorld and an ice cold Genesee2nd - Pair of Sunday passes to TomorrowWorld and $15 house cash1st - Pair of Weekend passes to TomorrowWorld and $25 house cash
  3. There was a discussion at the meeting yesterday about playing TF2 again, and I think it's a great idea. Scheduling is the only issue - it seems like most people are available later in the evening.
  4. Darbosama

    AndoCon 2015

    Great. Thanks Zyaldar and Vadath!
  5. Darbosama

    AndoCon 2015

    Hey Vadath and raebucher, Unfortunately my fiancee can't make it for Block 2, so could we switch to block 4 instead? I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Zyaldar said he would be around for block 2 already. Again, sorry for the trouble.
  6. Darbosama

    AndoCon 2015

    Could I sign up myself and one other for block two?
  7. Darbosama

    AndoCon 2015

    I would be willing to volunteer for some shifts, and I could probably convince my fiancee to volunteer too. Let me know.
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