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  1. JeffP

    Nov 5th

    I'm told that the Microsoft store is still doing their thing, and also that RT Sidequest will be at Game Over videogames. I'm going to be running a stealth unofficial dance a thon at D&B sometime during the day (Pump It Up). Other than that i'm not sure what's going on either.
  2. Wish i could help out but i'm out of town. Hope you guys have a blast!
  3. Not sure how active you guys are on the forums, but just in case - I'm thinking of moving back into the area after being away for a while, and i'm interested in the gaming community in and around Tampa. Specifically arcades, meetups, gamiing music, any and all festivals & regular meetups that y'all know about. Any help is appreciated!
  4. hey man - can you pin the master volunteer signup sheet? i keep losing it (current status: lost)

  5. Also, our new guild punctuation is the exclamation mark! Seriously, welcome back as president & thanks to everyone else for stepping up.
  6. hey - can you pin the master volunteer schedule in a new topic? i had to go looking for it yesterday, it ought to be "right out front"

  7. JeffP

    January Austin Guild Meeting


    Do we have a time/location yet?
  8. Wont be able to make it but waiting with bated breath to hear about holiday plans...
  9. quick question that came up with someone i invited - is there anything specific being prepared for younger attendees? My co-worker would like to attend with his 4-6 year old children, but if it's all aimed at the older set he won't.
  10. I was socializing Game Day around the office and someone asked about classic games. I'm guessing it's too late for this year. BUT - we should make contact with somebody from Pinballz and see about next year. Maybe they could donate a few games for the weekend to bring to the Microsoft store? or maybe they'd be willing to host their own event for Game Day? Seems like it would be right up their alley.
  11. Anyone have any plans? We'd love to hook up!
  12. Is it possible to get "official" tshirts to wear at events like this?
  13. My name is Jeff Putnam - i found your table at the Classic Game fest. I've got an 18 year old autistic son who's the real gamer in this household, and he's really excited about using that skill to help other kids.
  14. Hah! Well, i'm looking forward to getting in on the ground floor. Let me know if there's anything i can do to help the process.
  15. Question - what's involved in the relaunch? I'm new to this, unable to go to this month's meeting.
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