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  1. That's amazing Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  2. Hey @Riceologist Ph D I'm the guild Vice President in Seattle. Check out the calendar. We're having an event on October 3rd. It's a "Meeting" otherwise known as the guild getting together to play Whirlyball and get to know each other better. Come get to know the guild and we'll get you connected with a team nearby.
  3. sfequity


    Thanks to everyone who came out to volunteer. We have such a great team here in Seattle. We're blessed in so many ways. An awesome set of Hospital Reps, Betsy and Kira. A great Community Manager, Rick Heaton. And so many dedicated individuals who come spend their time at PAX behind a table. Thanks especially for all of you who stayed behind to help with tear down! We were finally headed out of Seattle around 7pm and we couldn't have done it without you! I hope everyone got enough time out on the floor and at least did what they most wanted to do while there. I had a blast getting to know everyone better and can't wait for more. Hope to see all of you on October 3rd. We'll have a little information to share with everyone there, but mostly it's a fun get together to help us all get to know each other better.
  4. Contact me if you want to volunteer at PAX. Finalizing the schedule this weekend. Shelbie Hicks
  5. Hi Mandy! Thanks for the reminder! I'm a total dolt when it comes to the Forums. I'll be sure to get PAX Prime on the calendar. If I have questions, expect a message from me. I may ask our Social Media Guru over her to work on it. @Dartiki has been a real help getting us moved over to the Forum. Please stop by while you're at PAX. We'd love to see you and chat about what you do over in NYC. That has to be a fun guild to be a part of! I'm ultra new at this and could use some pointers. Shelbie P.S. How the heck did you get the @ thing to work. hahaha.
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm the new VP of the Seattle Guild. I'm handling the Volunteer signups for PAX. We have Volunteer Badge times on Saturday Morning or Sunday Afternoon/Evening and any time Monday to volunteer. I'm afraid I'm still learning the forums and will do my best to keep up better. My Facebook is Shelbie Hicks if you'd like to message me. I'll stay logged into the forums as long as I can today in case you send me any messages here. Check out the Seattle Guild FB Page. We're still transitioning to using the forum. Have patience. We've lost a couple of our leadership members and are trying to work through the kinks. We have PAX pretty much planned out. You'll see minutes posted tomorrow in the Forum and on FB. Thank you! Shelbie Hicks Vice President Extra Life Seattle Guild
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