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  1. Hey folks, I posted this on the FB page, but I figured I would also post here for those who might check here more often, but I was gonna see if about getting some fellow guild members out for the International Cosplay Day event I'm setting up over at my work (Jerry's Wood-Fired Dogs) on August 29th. The plan is to get Cosplayers to show up via $2 Dogs and Gaming fun, so I figured it might be a good idea to maybe see if we could get some folks out to grab some signees for Extra Life.
  2. This is late, but it works. Name: Chris Alias: fmpanda City: Dallas Extra Life Team: USS Artemis Twitch: fmpanda Steam: fmpanda PSN: FMPanda Xbox: FMPanda NNID: fmpanda Instagram: fmpanda I think that covers almost everything.
  3. Guild Meeting tonight at Madness, but first, Tea.

    1. AndrewRDU


      I'm already on my third cup of the day.

    2. fmpanda


      More tea is good tea, especially if it's cinnamon roll tea.

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