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  1. Walker Stalker Con has decided to only do one northeast convention for this year. Both Philly and Boston have been cancelled and only doing NJ.
  2. This is my 5th year participating in the marathon. The first year, I joined with only 1 month left and still raised $400. For the past 3 years for 24 hrs, my house has an open door policy. On FB, I post that any friends and family that wants to stop by and play games may feel free to do so. We have usually between 15-25 people that stop in throughout the day and play with us. This year, we will have 1 TV that will be dedicated to streaming the event and have a specific game schedule to be played on there. We will setup another 3 TVs with various consoles with plenty of games to be played. Previous games that have been big hits: Rock Band (every year multi hour sessions), Call of Duty (Not as much last 2 years), Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (Replaced CoD), Cards Against Humanity (Once the kids fall asleep).
  3. I have these listed on my calendar. I'll be doing at least one day for each of the events. I'll try to talk Kyle into riding with me to a few and working the table again.
  4. Dave, I moved some things around to help with the first shift for the event. I also sent you a PM on FB. Thanks for organizing as you always do so well. P.S. the Eagles / Cowboys game is the week before.
  5. If anyone still has coins to use for digital games, this is the last week to grab them before all coins and prizes are gone for good. It was a great program and I'm gonna miss it.
  6. let the hype machine soar. Thanks for putting something way out of the box together to promote the cause. #ForTheKids
  7. The third episode and fourth episode both appear and when clicked it gives me episode 2. I am using the RSS via the Podcast App in iTunes. When I download myself, obviously no issues.
  8. Mine is @doughboyee Will be using it more often than I currently do to promote Extra Life and twitch activity.
  9. doughboyee

    Post Your Gamertag!

    doughboyee is checking in to the post. I have a 360, One, Win Phone and Windows 8 Device for gaming on.
  10. I had some time to listen to the podcast last night. You have gotten me so ready for this year's fundraising to begin picking up steam. I'll keep listening and get more active on the forums to hear what is next for Extra Life.
  11. Well, I wasn't going to be able to make it due to work, however last night my daughter was admitted to CHOP and we might be here another night. So if we are staying this evening, I'll be there. If we are sent home, I'll be driving us home and try to get on the conference call. Can't wait to see some of you again from ELU. - Dave
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