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  1. I'm going live at Midnight tonight with my first EL stream! I'm excited and nervous so keep me company!
  2. Don't mean to be a nag, but any update on getting this to work with OBS yet?
  3. I'm "only" at $303 raised. I don't know what to do to get more donors, I plug it every chance I get, but nothing works. From guilt trips to various forum posts, nothing seems to get through to people. All they say is, "this is so great" and that's it
  4. Thanks man. Here's my page if you want reference
  5. Well, changing the "D" to lowercase gave me $000.00 for donations. It doesn't show the $303 I've raised
  6. This is what I got going on. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I'm getting bad donation URL, though I followed the rules exactly :-(
  8. I made two $1 donations to my campaign and used both CLR browser and the basic window capture. Only window capture updated, because the CLR browser doesnt utilize the chrome plugin
  9. Makes sense, works for me. I'm putting together a YouTube video now to show people how simple this is.
  10. Ok, update. It works with the original method, but the badge just takes 10 minutes or so to update. It doesn't work with the CLR browser at all unless you remove and keep readding
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