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  1. Hi all! I've partivipated once years ago with EL. I decided to start again this year and help out them kids, but couldn't find/remember my account details. No biggie, I can just make a new one, right? All was good and well until I had to fill in my state/zip code. The thing is: I'm from outside the US (Netherlands, Europe) and there is no "Outside USA" option or something similar. The thing that's closest is Armed Forces Europe, but I'm not a soldier so I kinda don't want to click that. As a result I can't continue signing up 'cause I obviously don't have a valid zipcode (tried my own/real one. Didn't work 😕 ) Any suggestions? Lorim
  2. Thanks a lot!! I'll make sure to sign up I don't really mind if the hospital is US/EU based. It's about the kids, right??
  3. As you can see I've a question about the participation in EL15. Just a short introduction: I first heard of this thanks to Sapience/Rick (at that time CM for LOTRO) who did some fun things at the streams and of course with EL. I decided to do it this year as well. I only noticed one slight or maybe big problem. Everything I saw on the forums/site showed that this is an event for the USA/Canada. And all the teams are USA based as well... Are people from outside that region also welcome to participate?? (Dutchie here) Thanks in advance! Lorim
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