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  1. Hello, I am trying to come up with a safe and friendly goals / challenge list for mydonation page and for my streaming channel on Twitch. Example: Goal Raise $10 Dollars / Challenge Sing “The Song that Does Not End” –Lamb Chop for 5 Minutes. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I am kind of trying to stay away fromany challenges that could hurt me or make me puke. Below I have included a list of what I came up with. Thanks for your time. -Leo My Ideas at the moment: Goal / Challenge: Raise $20 Dollars / Sing “The Song that Does Not End” – Lamb Chop for 5 Minutes Raise $40 Dollars / Sing Disney Princess Song Raise $50 Dollars / “Fluffy Bunny Challenge” Raise $60 Dollars /
  2. Thank you for the replies my fellow Extra-Lifers. The help is appreciated a lot.
  3. Hello, I am going to be on local news Friday talking about Extra Life and my CMN Hospital Children's of Alabama. A friend of mind suggested to come up with talking points before going on the show. This will be my 1st time on the news really talking about this in a formal setting. I wanted to ask about your thoughts on these talking points. Please double check my facts. Let me know if the order of topics is good or not. Please & Thanks for your time. -Leonard Talk about how Extra-Life began: Explain how Extra-Life began back in 2009. Thanks to the Jeromy Adams and the Sarcastic Gamers Community in memory of Victoria Enmon out in Huston, Texas. Talk about the current number of Extra-Life gamers in my state: Currently we have 72 gamers in Alabama. That I hope with being on WSFA we inspire more gamers to sign up. Explain why I Extra Life for my local CMN Talk about the local business who are supporting our event: Quality Comix, Fox's Pizza Den, Laser Copy, Retro Game Planet, Bama Lanes, AKD Talk about our Volunteers. Explain on the day of the event come to Quality Comix donate any amount and play video games. Explain the raffle. Explain how they can donate online and can come by and pick up raffle tickets on the day of the event. If you donate online. I think only thing we need is tents for the event.
  4. I found success using the idea of Donate any amount and hang out and play video games. Then your Extra Life event can become a community event.
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