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  1. We are looking for volunteers to help man the Extra Life table at ECGC at the Raleigh Convention Center April 17th-19th. This event is unique as it is during the week (Tuesday-Thursday). Please sign up at:
  2. If any of you have Tricky Towers or Rocket League on PS4 and would like to group up for some practice send me a note. (Same handle as on here...) Edit: Tricky Towers is on sale on the PS Store for $4.50 right now. Steven
  3. Calendar event for the next guild meeting on 9/6 at the Flying Burrito.
  4. until
    Come hang out with your fellow guild members at the Flying Burrito in Raleigh and find out what we are working on this month! It would be appreciated if you let us know you plan to attend. Thanks! Steven
  5. until
    Our next guild meeting will be held on August 2nd at the Duke office in Durham. Here's a link to the Facebook event on the guild public page.[{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"page_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1
  6. Listen up people! I have 10-12 spots open for a 24-hour marathon event I'm planning for July 8th. Let me know if you are interested! It will likely be similar to other events we've held in the past. Spots are first come, first serve.
  7. until
    Our next guild meeting will be held on July 12th at the Duke office in Durham (710 W. Main Street). We decided to move the date to a week later than usual due to the close proximity of the July 4th holiday.
  8. until
    Our next guild meeting will be held on May 2nd @ 7 pm at the Duke office (710 W. Main Street in Durham). Come hang out with your fellow guild members and see what we are working on this month!!
  9. until
    ECGC is coming up at the Raleigh Convention Center and we NEED VOLUNTEERS!!! This is a day-time event during the week (Tuesday-Thursday). Please let me know if you can help out for a few hours!
  10. First off… My apologies for failing to create the proper calendar events for the meeting. I just assumed the EventBrite emails were enough to let everyone know about the kickoff meeting. Here are the meeting notes from Tuesday’s monthly meeting. Participants Kelly, Marcus, Steven, Andrew, Ross, Chris, Sarah, Missy, Jimmy, Tyler, Quauhtli, Nan, Charlie, Krista, Erin, Brendan, Hana (new attendees in bold!!) Guild Kickoff Leadership: President – Ross Ledford; Vice President – Marcus Summers; Secretary – Steven Sober Hospital Representatives: Keri Christianson, Kelly Partner (covering why Keri is on maternity leave) Marcus gave a short presentation on what the guild is and how it functions in conjunction with the overall Extra Life effort. Fundraising/Recruitment Update Recruitment Recap: 2014: Goal – 400; Actual – 670 2015: Goal – 450; Actual – 625 2016: Goal – 751; Actual – 652 2017: Goal – 750; YTD – 107 Fundraising Recap: 2014: $46,415 2015: $92,135 2016: Goal - $110K; Actual - $111, 284 2017: Goal - $125K; YTD - $4,853 Extra Life Overall Fundraising: 2014: $6,100,000 2015: $8,361,187 2016: $9,695,148 -$30M overall!!! Extra Life United I gave a presentation summarizing ELU this year. United is an Extra Life event that coincides with the Children’s Miracle Network Annual Momentum convention. Along with sponsors and supporters, one CMN child from each state, Puerto Rico, and Canadian province are chosen as “champions” to attend with their families. I had the opportunity to meet some of these inspirational kids, watch them in a medal ceremony, and even play some video games with them. The Extra Lifers attending ELU participate in a two-day tournament sponsored by Twitch with an assist from Microsoft. There were 12 games total (six video games and six board games) and each participant could compete in six games total. There was a prize pool of $150K plus an extra $10K from Microsoft that players could earn towards their designated CMN hospital. (I won $100 playing Rocket League for Duke!) Recent Events Summary (I don’t remember us covering these in the meeting but just for kicks here they are…) Playthrough Gaming Convention – Held in late February. I’m not sure how many signups but fun times! Oak City ComicCon – Held in mid-March. Again, a lot of fun but I don’t have an exact signup number. Last Month Action Items The first friendly reminder to sign up for this year’s campaign, and customize your donation page with a picture and story about why you participate in Extra Life. You can set up schedules to post to Twitter and Facebook automatically. Hospital Update Kelly shared a story and video about how Duke Children’s is using 3D printers to map out intense MRI images of patient hearts. The technology is being used to build 3D heart models (some as small as a dime) of each patient’s unique heart to study and analyze vessels and flow in order to decide the best course of action or surgery. The 3D models shown in the video were very cool!! Future Events April 18-20 – East Coast Games Conference – This is held during the day time. Anyone who is interested and available to volunteer PLEASE let us know in the forums or Facebook!! Miscellaneous New for 2017: Social Media: Public Facebook Page – Twitter Account – @extraliferdu “Tools of the Trade”: Community Forums – Extra Life App – iOS, Android, Facebook Extra Life Recruitment App – iOS, Android 2017 Marathon: This year’s main event will be held on November 4th, and will once again be 25 hours due to the clock’s falling back an hour. That’s it guys and girls! As always feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns!! Thanks! Steven
  11. Listen up people!!! So Andrew seems to remember that we held meetings at the Flying Burrito on Wednesdays last year (remember we moved some around to accommodate his work schedule). On Wed. the place is dead, but on Tuesdays the place is packed for "Taco Tuesdays". I just called to give them a heads up and spoke with a guy who wasn't super friendly and said we might have to wait and would likely have trouble holding a meeting due to the place being full. So... do we a) try to find another place, postpone until Wed., or c) other ideas?? (Andrew suggested Level Up?)
  12. I've created a calendar event for our first meeting of 2017. It will be held at the Original Flying Burrito in Raleigh. Please RSVP so we know how many will be attending.
  13. until
    THE MEETING HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL WEDNESDAY!!!! Our official kick-off meeting isn't until April 4th (you should have received an EventBrite email), but we on the leadership team wanted to have a meeting this month for existing guild members. We will be covering changes to the leadership team, our first recruitment event at last weekend's Playthrough Gaming Convention, and upcoming events in March including Oak City Comic-Con on March 18-19. Come hang out at the Original Flying Burrito in Raleigh (where we had a few meetings last year) and talk some Extra Life!! Thanks! Steven
  14. until
    The next Oak City ComicCon will be held on March 18-19 at the Raleigh Convention Center. Extra Life had a table last year and we are anticipating having one again this year. More details to come!!
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