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  1. Thanks! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  2. Hey everyone, I have a quick question. How do I change my team's name when I am a captain of a team?
  3. If you listen to music while gaming, if you don't then why don't you listen to music while gaming? Do you have a specific genre for types of games, such as First Person Shooters, or Role-playing games? Or do you listen to the game's OST while playing? Some of my personal Choices are: Impending Doom - Deceiver (FPS) Impending Doom - Murderer (FPS) Demon Hunter - Storm the Gates of Hell (FPS) AC/DC, any songs - Racing Games Family Force 5 - Fighting Games There are a lot more music choices for me but here are some that I listen to.
  4. Oh boy a new lifer!! Welcome and hope your first one is a great one! Mine was! A few tips: Try to get some sleep before the 24 hour session Drink Lots of water Take a 10 Minute break every hour, there have been studies where if you sit for a long periods of time you can develop blood clots in your legs. Play a multitude of games that you enjoy, or just want to find a new one. Welcome to Extra Life and have fun!
  5. Here are somethings that I do: I find games that I haven't played or completed in the last year or so, and just run them for about 3 to 4 hours, then its off to big box rpgs, or Pencil and paper RPGs (such as Dungeons and Dragons). Also having friends participate is a good idea, heck even a public LAN party is a great way to meet new gamers! I run a LAN party at my college and this is an absolute blast we even go so far setting up a mini living room with a tv, stereo system, and a little place to relax and take a break from gaming. Some suggestions: Take a 10 minute break every hour that you play, there have been recent studies that conclude if you sit down for a long time you will eventually develop blood clots in your legs. Try to have mini-competitions, people love to compete. Heck even a friend and I we did a speed run to see who could get the furthest in the storyline under an hour (we decided to put it at a tie). Speed running competitions are a great idea. There are so much more ideas out there, just keep an opened mind!
  6. Oh boy this is a hard question for me. Why do I Extra Life? Simple, I have never been to a hospital for anything major, besides a few sinus surgeries, and tubes in my ears, but I play for families who have children in hospitals for a long term, and its quite an honor to be playing with them. I have never shown any mental tenacity in my life, however the children and their families show me much more. So in the end I have to say the reason why that I do Extra Life is for you the families and your children that are going through this rough time. Not only that its two things that I love to do, playing video games, and helping children and their families through hard time.
  7. Hello everyone! It's nice that Extra-Life finally got a community forum, after participating for 5 events now (started when Children's Miracle Network did a event called 3G), and I have to say I love doing these things! My gamer name is Cappiman, but you can call me Caleb if you wish! Being 23 years old and helping Children is absolute fun. I honestly can't wait for this year, and hopefully you guys don't get DDoS'ed 3 times! Some games that I play can be multiple things, such as CS:GO, FNAF (Five Nights A Freddy's), and racing games. When I am usually playing video games I listen to music, such as SlipKNoT, Demon Hunter, Haste The Day, and what not (metal head here). But Anywho, I hope to see you around the forums, and can't wait to meet other Extra Lifers!
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