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  1. TwitchSlc meetups are back. Next Saturday March 25th at Fiddlers Elbow. 8PM The meetups will be the 4th Saturday of every month. If you want to meet other broadcasters, mods and viewers, come join us!
  2. Hope to see you Extra Lifers there! <3 http://Check out @TwitchSLC's Tweet:
  3. Hello everybody, my name is Beergnome. I am a 3 year Extra Life veteran and a part time Twitch Streamer of 2 years. For quite a bit of time there has been talk in the Utah community to start setting up Twitch meetups. Well we've finally decided to go ahead and just do it. Created a TwitchSLC twitter account and am working on a date for the first meetup some time in November. I've always appreciated the hard work and generosity of the Extra Life community, so I wanted to extend the invite here as well. Please give the twitter handle a follow, spread the word if you can and keep an eye out any updates for when the meetups will happen. It would be great to get a chance to meet all of you. Have a great day! http://Check out TwitchSLC (@TwitchSLC):
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Beergnome. I am a 3 year Extra Life veteran and a Twitch streamer here in Salt Lake City. Just got back from TwitchCon and I am all revved up to go. I will be doing a 12 Hour Livestream tomorrow on October 8th to raise funds for Primary Childrens Hospital. This has been my favorite charity to fundraise for and especially for Primary Childrens since I myself had my life saved by the doctors and nurses of that very same hospital years ago. Hopefully some of you can swing by, or at the very least spread the word.
  5. I am getting so hyped for this! I think this is going to be an amazing year for Extra Life all around. ~Beergnome ~Beergnome Gaming
  6. So, are you all getting hyped yet? What have you done so far to get prepped? What games are you planning to play?
  7. If ya'll get a chance, I'm going to be streaming some Alien Isolation on my birthday, Oct. 7th. Swing by if you'd like.
  8. I absolutely love this idea! I've found some awesome streams! I really hope we can crush some records this year! ~Beergnome ~Beergnome Gaming
  9. I'm pretty excited for next month. This will be my first charity stream. Good luck to you all. ~Beergnome ~Beergnome Gaming
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