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  1. I'm getting on Mid August. I've been going back and forth with the artist for a while with design stuff. Im getting the winged controler and a Zelda Heart underneth is for every year I've participated. I'm excited to finally get this!
  2. Hello. I believe 100% does go towards the hosptils. I think the only case where it does not would be when you sign up for a Platinum membership. @herobyclicking would possibly know more if it is not.
  3. I'm going to be there this year! I will make sure to come by and hang out. Are any of you going to the after party?
  4. Thank you for clearing this up. I was wondering myself.
  5. Ok, no worries. I took this one as well.
  6. CAWZY

    Fundraising Ideas

    I havent really started yet. My wife suggested I promise to do the Polar bear Plunge if meet my goal this year. .......I dont think so, though.
  7. I had thought I filled this out..... Was there another survey that went out for just Extra Life in general?
  8. Hi @K8Morosky. We actually have our meeting tomorrow night. I can mention it then, and I can send messages out to the group.
  9. April 6-9
  10. I would shoot an email to, they might be able to work some magic.
  11. CAWZY

    Nintendo Switch

    I will say this, I do like that the JoyCon can be at least a semi normal game controler. I'm not really in to the motion control stuff. I like to kick back and plug away at game. I hope they do something different with their "Free" game of the month. I LOVE the idea of getting an old game to play....but I DISLIKE that its taken away after a month. I'm a Dad, I have Job, house, wife, lawn, etc....I got stuff to do. Sometimes it takes me more than a month to complete a game.
  12. I'm thinking thats what I'm going to do. It might be a pain to try and grab all your stuff and make it to the Air Port after all the events of that day.
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