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  1. Oh, shoot I'm a dummy. Not sure how I missed that. Thanks for pointing that out... well looks like I've got some code to refactor.
  2. @herobyclicking you for sure should have known I'd comment on this I'm literally in the process of working a little dashboard app right now and on the participant JSON object, it would be nice if the Team ID would also be returned as a part of it. Additional data would be great too. It would be cool if it could contain things like Twitch and other Social sites.
  3. I'm lame and only signed up for the video games. Most the table top games I haven't played before other than Ticket To Ride.So I didn't want to be that dude going "How do I play?" every five seconds.
  4. 6412-9462-1526 Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. Wait you can chop down trees? I just blow them up with bombs, ha. My favorite way to play. I don't mind the JoyCon Grip but something about having the controllers detached is nice.
  6. It's my first year but I'm flying out early Sunday morning.
  7. I started an Extra Life clan in Tap Titans 2 if anyone's playing that on their phones. Come join me in tapping your screen endlessly for what purpose? So you can reset your progress and tap even more. Clan Name: Extra Life Clan Code: 8w5wr Pass Code: 3839
  8. Awesome! I haven't checked in so long. I might resurrect some of my projects that I had been working on.
  9. Hi Everyone, If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber you can sign up for a new thing called Twitch Prime. Since Amazon owns Twitch they are now giving away freebies to Amazon Prime subscribers. Here is a copy and paste from their site. Free in-game loot every month, plus surprises You'll get characters, vehicles, skins, and boosts for games likeHearthstone and Smite, plus surprises like a copy of Streamlinethe day it launches. Ad-free viewing plus a free channel subscription every 30 days Support your favorite streamer, plus get exclusive emotes, more chat colors, and crown yourself with the chat badge of royalty. Member discount on new release box games Your exclusive pricing even applies to pre-orders and collector’s editions, plus get pre-order price guarantee and release-day delivery. Watch thousands of movies and TV shows Including Ex Machina, Doctor Who, The Man in the High Castle,Legend of Korra, Firefly, and Thundercats. Ad-free access to over a million songs Tracks and albums from Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, Gorillaz, Coldplay, game soundtracks, and more. Unlimited Free Two-Day shipping Over 20 million eligible items. Also get free same-day delivery on over a million items when shipping to selected metro areas across the U.S.
  10. Ha, dang! I just paid Moobot so I could add this functionality in. Didn't realize it's just a feature in Twitch now.
  11. An invite for kingofthisnight would be great too!
  12. Depends how majestic was this mustache? Ha! Yeah I think that would count for sure.
  13. Currently I'm running a raffle for a very rare, very loved vinyl box set from my favorite band in order to raise some money for Extra Life. Have you ever parted ways with any prized possessions to raise money for Extra Life?
  14. So far I'm a sucker for VR. It is a pretty unique experience. I made a Google Cardboard headset when it was first announced. I also received a Gear VR for Christmas and it is really impressive. They have an Arcade app that lets you play old arcade games and literally everyone who has tried it out immediately reaches out to grab the joystick on the cabinet. I think right now the barrier to entry is kinda high but that will come down after a generation or two. Plus who doesn't want to play job simulator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uhh4dA-V2os
  15. Ohhh geez, the dreaded 25 hour marathon. Bring it on!
  16. I've got to finish up my cosmic sleeve first. After that is done I'm going to get a video game inspired sleeve. I'll have to sneak the Extra Life logo in
  17. Awesome! If you want to get some free hosting so people don't have to server it locally you might consider using Heroku. I'm currently using it for my app that I've been working on.
  18. I found this on github and plan to use it in my app. https://jsonp.afeld.me/ It will allow you to get around the CORS and JSONP. My github project will be updated shortly where I use it if someone wants to see an example.
  19. Sure! If you have a github account you can feel free to pull the project and run it yourself. I'll update the readme at some point for additional instructions on how to run it locally. https://github.com/dangelojesse/terrible-twitch
  20. Awesome thanks Sapience! In case anyone wants to take a peak at what I'm working on you can find it running at http://warm-badlands-2006.herokuapp.com/#/. Right now the only real feature is the Twitch overlay. I just use X-Split to pull in the website and then display the data that way. I plan to create an X-Split scene people can just download and use once it is all done. If I can find a way to consume the Extra Life API (hopefully they can allow for JSONP requests) I'll be pulling in donor information and goals for the individual and their team. Also I'm hosting it with a free service right now so I think it is only allowed to be up and running for 18 hours a day or something along those lines. Closer to game day I'll actually invest in real hosting so people can use the app without running into any downtime. Let me know what you think!
  21. Trying to create an angular app to pull in both Twitch data and Extra Life donor data. I'm getting the "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested" error when trying to make a request to Extra Life. Is it possible to allow for jsonp requests or enable CORS?
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