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  1. Vitalitycross

    Guild RPG Campaign

    I'm Down if anyone else in the guild is up for it!
  2. Vitalitycross

    Guild Game Night Planning

    Hey Everyone im going to be setting up another Guild Game night for July 20th around 6 or 7pm this will be a Diablo 3 Seasonal Start Night (pc) if anyone is interested post on here Normal not Hardcore will go on for a while though looking to farm lv's and gear
  3. Vitalitycross

    Guild Game Night Planning

    going to postpone GGN to next Sunday the 4th of June since its memorial day weekend and no one signed up on the forum kind of figured that people are busy so Next Sunday at 7 pm (pc) for overwatch!
  4. Vitalitycross

    Guild Game Night Planning

    since its Overwatch one year Anniversary i think we should hold a GGN this Sunday at 7 pm (PC) lets have some fun!
  5. Vitalitycross

    Guild Game Night Planning

    Hey everyone would like to do a Game Guild Night on May 7th at 7pm Heroes of the Storm on PC most of it will be Quick play or Unranked Draft. good opportunity to get the Nexus Challenge done as well
  6. Vitalitycross

    Guild Game Night Planning

    Hey everyone would like to do a Game Guild Night this weekend of Masters X Masters (MXM) Sunday at 7 pm we can do either PVP or PVE on PC. You can sign up for closed beta here as far as i know people are signing up and getting instant invites!
  7. Vitalitycross

    Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

    signed up
  8. Vitalitycross

    2016 Extra Life 24hr Marathon

    Yah I'll be going for sure but I can't get an accurate count if I'm bringing people or not and as for equipment I'll try and bring my pc can't be sure yet
  9. Vitalitycross

    Los Angeles Comic Con 2016 10/28-10/30

    I can help out Friday and Saturday and maybe Sunday not sure yet Update I can only help out Saturday morning going to a viewing party for league at la live for world's
  10. yep ill jump in and help out
  11. Vitalitycross

    Anime California 2016 - 9/2-9/4

    I can Help all 3 days!
  12. Vitalitycross

    Anime Expo - 7/1-7/4

    ill volunteer for 3 days not sure about the last day but i can do Friday-Sunday for sure and can volunteer as many hours as needed Edit: I can volunteer for the last day as well now any hours as well!
  13. Vitalitycross

    Extra Life at E3 Live

    I can help Thursday or Wednesday either one!
  14. Vitalitycross

    Extra Life 2016 Kick-Off Meeting


    Oops showed up early
  15. Vitalitycross

    WonderCon - 3/25-3/27

    i can help out on Friday and Saturday maybe Sunday as well not sure will double check on that