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  1. Thanks for the tips, but I don't think any of those will be particularly useful to me, mainly because the only people I want eligible are people who donate. It's fine if they don't follow, or even if they don't watch the stream (but end up donating for whatever reason). There's also the issue of someone who donates but doesn't happen to be watching the stream during the raffle. If I had a ton of little things to raffle, then I might do this, but I like the idea of raffling a single larger item and of giving the winner a choice of item. Let's face it, left over games from humble bundles may not be the most desirable.
  2. Actually I'd like some input on this. At first I was planning on playing through both seasons of the walking dead (and filling in the rest of the time with some other thing). But I have a few issues. One is that, although I'm not one to be super chatty or anything, I assume that people watch live streams to see you talk, react, whatever. The Walking Dead is the type of game where I prefer to keep my mouth shut (and I prefer others to do the same). So I don't think it lends itself very well toward a live stream. Instead I figured, since the event is in October, I should play some horror games instead. The problem HERE is that people love to watch live streams of people playing horror games to see them get scared and stuff. I'm not saying I'm super macho or anything, but I happen to love horror games and so my scardiness with them is probably not at the "entertaining" level. There's also the fact that I've played a lot of them, so any viewers I get won't even have the benefit of seeing me play them for the first time. So I'd have trouble actually finding games to play (right now, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is currently the most recent horror game I haven't played yet). Any advice?
  3. I'm wondering if Extra Life has any sort of functionality for raffles, particularly those on steam? I'm under the impression that it's basically up to us, but I'd like to know if there's anything built-in to do a raffle on steam or something. Currently, I'm thinking of having people include their steam name when they donate to make them eligible and after the event I pick a winner myself. I'd like some advice from people who've done this before.
  4. Like many others here, I hardly stream but plan on streaming the entire extra life marathon. I DO plan on doing a raffle for a $20 steam game in the hopes that people are more willing to donate, but I'm still unsure of how to do it and if it's a good idea. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'll try to give some follows and check you guys out.
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