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  1. Hello Everyone and Especially Last Year's Top 30! Our Hospital Rep at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia would like to hear from you! So if your name is on this list, please send me a response in this thread and I'll hook you up with Grace! Johnny Ortiz $12552.98 Dan Palumbo $10022.00 The Escapist Magazine $8000.00 Steven Yeager $5615.01 The Level Up Network $4260.37 Jamie Glennon $3590.00 David Whelan $3562.00 Nick Coss $3245.73 Chase Dedic $2640.00 Michael Wolfe $2250.00 Terry Hopely $2120.00 Kiera Herbert $2015.00 Nathan Gulla $2000.00 Scott Fisher $2000.00 lol dbz $1860.36 Jeff Nicoline $1740.00 Karl Kemmerer $1730.00 Travis Terlinden $1729.00 Andrew Cook $1680.00 Tommcq Charity Stream $1609.99 Paul Woodward $1595.00 Kris Tan $1540.00 Craig Schickling II $1530.00 Ryan Hargrove $1519.69 Charles Nicolosi $1460.00 Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast $1455.00 Matt Baldassarre $1434.11 Third Shift $1385.00 Rob Martin $1365.00 David Soto $1350.00 Thanks! Christopher "LonestarF1" Redden Philadelphia Guild - Communications Team
  2. Hey Everyone, This Saturday (April 14th, 2018) at 10:30 AM is the next scheduled Guild Meeting. So if you can make it in person, great! If not, you can use this link to join us remotely! <link removed> Otherwise you can come visit us in person: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Beurger Center - Room 2106 (2nd Floor) 3500 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  3. Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for all of your responses, it was a pleasure hearing how you are going to spend your event! We'd still love to hear from everyone, but this here is the cutoff for the survival kits. They need time to ship, after all! Thanks, Chris
  4. Hello Everyone, Since we've got an event at King of Prussia Mall on the same day we had our monthly meeting planned, we thought we'd have them both at the same place! So if you're in the area and want to join us for the meeting, feel free to head on over to the Microsoft Store at the King of Prussia Mall on October 28th, 2017 at 12:30 PM. KoP Mall - Microsoft Store 160 N Gulph Road King of Prussia, PA 19406 If you have any questions, feel free to let us know. Thanks, Chris
  5. Loving the responses, folks! I'm going to be reaching out to you shortly so you can give our CHOP representative your information. We'll be cutting off this offer soon, so make sure to take advantage if you haven't already!
  6. The fine folks at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia want to hear your plans for National Game Day this year. I know, I know, I’ve already asked you this before, but what if I told you that they’re going to send you a special 24-Hour Marathon “Survival Kit” for telling us how you plan on spending your marathon. We'll be reading what you've got going on and sending out kits to the first 20 CHOP participants!
  7. This was a very cool event. I think @Tiny415 can confirm the exact numbers, but I think we did around 30 signups. My judgement of this event has nothing to do with the massage chairs that were right down the hall. No sir, not even a little.
  8. Hello Everyone, So what's your plans for your marathon this year? Or are you splitting your time up among a few days? As for myself; since I first learned of Extra Life, it has always been a group activity. I get together with a bunch of folks and we play video games separately, or together, for as long as we can. Honestly, we rarely last the full 24, but hey, I'm gettin' up there in years at this point! Last year was the first time I didn't setup the retro wall I'd had in previous years, and I'm thinking it might be time for a comeback. it made for a neat little distraction for folks who may want a break from their chosen game and just chill out with the old school stuff for a while. Anywho, I'm interested to see what the rest of you folks are gettin' up to this year! Thanks, Chris "LonestarF1" Redden
  9. Oh neat, thanks for the heads up. They've got their days mixed up, but that's alright!
  10. What is this nonsense? Redden or LonestarF1, never LoneStar. Also, see yas tomorrow!
  11. That April, though. Heck, even the week before April has a thing.
  12. I dig the app, but one thing that's missing is the ability to read the messages that went with the Donations. We just get a name. So we still need to go to the website to get those.
  13. Hello, Yeah, far too short of notice on an off-pay-week. Hopefully it all works out for them, it looks like a neat event. Thanks, Chris
  14. I'm going to check to see if I've got anything going on that weekend. If not, I'll drop my name in the hat like usual. This was a popular event last year, though, so I'm sure you'll be alright without us if need be, heh. Though I do kinda wanna go. Thanks, Chris
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