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  1. If you're going for a horror theme, it's all about the presentation. As far as your webcam goes (if you plan to use one) it would be cool to see someone playing completely in the dark with nothing but a candle or two lighting their room... something to get yourself and your viewers in the right mindset. It's no fun to play horror games in the middle of the day with the sun shining brightly. Or maybe save the horror games until night falls.
  2. And if you can't put important info in the stream window, make sure your most important message sits at the top of your info list so it's just below the video window. Give it a colorful title or picture to draw attention to it.
  3. World of Tanks, Borderlands II, Diablo III (PC orXBOX), Hearthstone, SMITE, Mario Kart 8... We also have lots of older Nintendo games that I would like to try streaming as well. Are there any Nintendo classics that you guys think would be great to stream?
  4. I think it looks pretty good! I was hoping you had some highlighted videos saved so others could get a preview of what you stream. I would recommended adding a list of games that you like to play. I would also add a note reminding people that donations are tax-deductible. That's always a nice way to convince people who are on the fence about donating.
  5. Dang, there's a lot of people here! We will be streaming a week earlier since we can't make the official date. Best of luck to everyone!
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