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  1. I created this nifty little flier and am raffling off a book, some tribbles (Star Trek) and a Game of Thrones dragon egg cookie jar. Every $5 donation counts. My Fundraising Page is here:
  2. Hi! A little something about myself, I am a cyber security guy. When done working I go home to my wife and two wonderful boys. After 8:30 though...that's when the lights go off and the games come on! And those games are tabletop (mostly horror, military, sci-fi) on Saturday (D&D) or Sunday (Sci-fi RPG). During the week I spend Monday/Tuesday playing Modern Warfare II on the WiiU and the other nights spent on my 360 or pc horror games (e.g. Silent Hill, Walking Dead, Five Nights and Freddy's) This will be my second year with Extra-life. First year was an excellent experience where I helped raise over $300 for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. I hope to raise even more this year since I have spread awareness (hopefully more folks will show up) and started a raffle. Welcome aboard all new folks and if anyone ever wants to get together on game evening gaming...I am game. -Corey
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