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    I like music, video games, and exercise. My favorite games to play are MMOs, FPS and MOBAs. More of a PC gamer than a console, I do enjoy gaming on my PS4, I just don't have an extensive library.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has a sweet plug in for OBS to use the json of the donation site. I'm setting up my layout and can't find any
  2. Good Morning people of Extra-Life! My name is Richard, though I go by Rj due to childhood nickname. All of my gaming handles are LordLaLaLa (Except XBox because I haven't owned one in years) I'm originally from Alaska, but in Arizon due to college. I started doing Extra-Life 3 years ago, but I've wanted to do it for many years before that but high school sports always got in the way, I do Extra-Life because I have always worked/wanted to work with children, and right now raising money for hospitals is good enough right now. I play for the children's hospital of Providence in Anchorage, AK. I play because I've known many people that have gone to Providence, and it supports my home state. I'm not in any guilds because I missed the meeting down in Phoenix and I'm not in Alaska to go to the meeting there, When not doing Extra-Life, I'm trying to get other people interested in it, spreading the word and hyping it up. Other than that, I'm doing college work and sleeping. I play pretty much anything if I have it, so if anyone is interesting in playing anything, I'm always down to game if I'm free, which may be rare this semester.
  3. twitch.tv/richardginter I play loads of different games, so hit me up if you want to game!
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