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  1. Hello everyone. I introduced myself in the Facebook group but someone told me it would be a good idea to post here as well. Myself and a small group have been streaming for Extra Life the past 2 years. We played for 24 hours in 2013 and 48 hours in 2014. In 2015 we plan on doing the same. We wanted to get more word out about the live stream as well as the charity and I thought a good way to do that would be to get a group stream going. An event that would be for awareness and sort of a demonstration of what could be possible for donations such as incentives for games to be played or games played a certain way, similar to the GDQ models of raising money. If anyone would like to possibly arrange a live stream group for this year let me know. We can run a pretty pro looking stream. I do martial arts live streams as well as gaming live streams so we're pretty well versed in it at this point. It can be from some event (such as comicon or otherwise as long as we have wifi access) or just for a meeting. We stream from and I stream from Before anyone asks about the group name, a lot of us are into fitness and its a squat joke. Anyway, thank you for your time reading this. If there is a way we can work together to raise awareness for possible fundraising events themselves on top of just for the charity, I feel like we could start doing bigger things and getting more money for Pittsburgh.
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