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  1. Hello, Our company is looking to find a graphic designer to make t-shirts for our general Extra Life team and some other apparel for our site itself. Lots of people on the team want a special shirt and we also want to offer an Extra Life special t-shirt for the fans of our Twitch Community. I am just wondering who does the t-shirt designers here for Extra Life and if anyone can assist me in putting me in contact with that person for a commission work. Thanks for all the help and feedback from this amazing community! Best, Jeremy The Nerd Stash
  2. The Nerd Stash Team presents our 2nd Marathon for Extra Life! Our MEGA stream of 36 Hours of Gaming begins tomorrow at 12 PM EST. A special pre-show starts at 9 AM EST, so come by show your support for the cause and help give back for a chance to win some awesome prizes! All Donations will support our hospital, The Kentucky Children's Hospital. Watch our Stream on Hope to see everyone drop in and if you would like to donate directly, visit #forthekids
  3. Team Nerd Stash is having our next big Marathon for Extra Life! 36 Hours of Gaming beginning tomorrow at 12 PM EST. Special pre-show starts at 9 AM EST so stay tuned and help give back! All Donations will support The Kentucky Children's Hospital. Watch our Stream on Participate for a chance to win prizes and to donate directly to
  4. I would appreciate any of your help and feedback. I have dug through the forums and found some useful tools but would love for you to send me some helpful things. I look forward to your reply!
  5. I run a Community channel on Twitch and we are planning our first 48HR Marathon for this year and trying to find a unique look for an overlay and would like to add-in some modules or extra things to spruce up the overlay. I saw some streamers last year using some cool features and they mentioned a site they used Codepen and that it was pretty simple but I have been on their site and do not see anything in relation to what they used. I would be happy to commission and pay someone for an overlay for our Team and if anyone here has ideas of things to use on the stream that helps make things look slick and professional I am all about it. I have placed below the example of what I am looking at and hopefully, someone can share some feedback on things. I appreciate the help in advance! I have attached a clip from their live event last year and would love to personally have some of these things on my channel. I really like the design, animations below cam and below the game box plus the timer showing how long the Marathon was happening. Can anyone help or give advice?
  6. Does anyone know what timer this is and how it works? It was used by KindaFunny Games last year. I would love to have something like this on our Marathon coming up and would appreciate the insight and help. This shows an active counter showing how many hours online and donations received. I appreciate the help. See the VOD link below to see it in action. VOD Link:
  7. Hello, Our community is having its first marathon for Extra Life and the Kentucky Children's Hospital on 10-21 and 10-22 for 25 hours. We are wanting to reach out about a few things. #1: Are there new graphics and materials for 2016 or is everything the same from last year? #2: Is there a donation tracker where would could have on during our marathon just what we are raising instead of having our end goal? We use the built-in widget now through StreamPro. #3; Is there any kind of countdown timer to Extra Life to bring in Hype for the marathon we are having? I would appreciate the help and feedback on all the questions we have!
  8. Needing help with a Twitch Overlay for 2015. Looking for something nice and would love for someone's help if they have the skill set. Thank you.
  9. This is our first year as a company doing the 24 hour marathon supporting the Kentucky Children's Hospital. We are new to Twitch and building our audience. I was wondering if any experts are out there that can help me with getting an awesome overlay with all our details on it and details about our company with links or what not. We also want to have a real-time donation window and again just want to have some great that represents us and that will be really nice and presentable for Twitch. I appreciate the help and suggestions. Jeremy The Nerd Stash
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