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  1. I'm out of town that week but am hoping to get back in time to help out. I don't want to put my name on the sheet just in case I can't make it but I will try.
  2. I want to help out so bad but I will be out of town. Sorry Lou, I have failed you.
  3. I'll be there. Also I'm going to try to be more active on these forums
  4. Great photos! Nice job. Thanks for all of these.
  5. Welcome everyone, new and returning! Last year was a huge success for the Denver guild and we are hoping for a similar outcome this year. Our success was mostly due to the awesome people who came out to events and gave up time and efforts in helping our cause both gain awareness and by encouraging donations. Excited to see some new members coming out to our meetings. I was hoping people would use this thread for members to introduce themselves and get to know one another. Let me start this off, My name is Michael. This will be my third year participating in Extra Life and second year helping out with the Denver Guild. As I'm sure is the case with most of you, I love nothing more than gaming. I typically am on my PC but occasionally pick up a PS4 controller when something interesting comes out (which has been pretty disappointing so far). When I'm not gaming I make your cell phones work inside of buildings or I am volunteering with other causes. I'm really looking forward to this year for us as a group and can't wait to meet all of you new members.
  6. This is Michael Hormachea. Using my usual screen name. Just so you guys know.
  7. Hi everyone! Really excited to see the forum has gone up. Looks really good! My name is Michael and for the most part I make cell phones work but any chance I'm not at work I'm ignoring my girlfriend, playing video games. This will be my second year playing for Extra Life. For the most part I play anything I can get my hands on.
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