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  1. If you navigate to your page and scroll to the bottom, you should see something for embedding an iframe at the bottom right. I copied that, myself, and tested it but it didn't work in Outlook for me. I heard that you should be able to embed this in Outlook, but it only showed text; maybe my settings are off. I also read that these things may be blocked by email clients, anyways.
  2. Our local AHL team is sponsoring a Game Night, with a portion of the proceeds going to Extra Life! https://springfieldthunderbirds.formstack.com/forms/videogame
  3. I decided to create a team named "For the Hordelings!" and see how that goes. Everyone is welcome to join! Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Hey, I was just looking around the forum doing a search for "Warcraft" and didn't see anything other than an old post about a WoW guild. Is anyone interested in creating a team with "Horde" in the title, just for a little EL presence? I'm game for a vote on titles if anyone feels creative. I don't know if we have enough of a Horde gamer presence here to organize any team, but I'm in for a team if anyone is interested. I'll think about some team names and post them here for kicks shortly, but for now I'm just tossing this post up to get it on the board. (Edit) Clan Lok'tar For the Hordelings! Take care! George R.
  5. Hey, I'm curious how this venture went. I just started playing WoW again, and thought it would be cool to have a guild with a common purpose, also. Did anyone get with you on this? I'm a Hordie by nature but am leveling an Alliance 'toon with a friend on Anvilmar.
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    One of our teams, Oy with the Poodles Already, is working with The Quarters to hold a Wristband Event. Starting at 8:00 PM, The Quarters will be selling wristbands for unlimited tokens for the machines, and 50% of the proceeds from the purchase of wristbands will go to Baystate Children's Hospital.
  7. until
    One of our local Extra Life Teams, Oy with the Poodles Already, will be tabling at The Quarters. We have some swag, some informational handouts, and will be spreading the word to our community.
  8. We've recently stopped the trivia for the purpose of adding entries into the raffle. There was a post elsewhere about the legality of holding what would be called a "raffle" and didn't want to cause any legal problems for anyone. The idea of adding entries for guesses made it more of a contest, also, which we'd need to explore to be sure that (in our state, anyways) we're not going into any dangerous legal territory. The game now is just that: to give people who Like the Page something to see and participate in, and we're hoping for more participation in the future.
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    My team, Oy with the Poodles Already, will be tabling the midnight release of NBA 2K18 at GameStop at the Ingleside Mall in Holyoke, MA. The "midnight" release is technically at 9:00, and we'll be there at 6:00!
  10. Hey, all! My wife and I were brainstorming some ideas for generating traffic and came up with this- a "guess what this picture is" to go along with a raffle that we're holding. I have collected some items from local businesses, as well as some handmade items, and I'm posting pictures of random things on our Facebook Page to generate some attention. For example: attached was today's "puzzle piece": it's a small snippet of an image of Godzilla. I created a Facebook Page for our team here: Oy with the Poodles Already, and ask that donors Message the Page to participate. In this way we generate some links between people and the page, and I post the winner's name below the post for that session. I could have developed a website for this, I suppose, but we're trying to keep things simple, so we chose Facebook. I hope this has been helpful to someone! George R.
  11. I'm wondering if anyone does this, and if so: how has it gone? I was thinking about having a presence for the charity in the games we play (any game), so I created a guild in Knights and Dragons (a mobile RPG- I play the Android version) called "Extra Life Was Here." I added some text about the purpose of the guild in its description (though there's not much room for text descriptions in this game) and hope to draw at least some curious folks into the guild to ask some questions...and hope they stay to help spread the word! Does anyone else do this? I think it's potentially a cool idea, but we would need to be careful that the members who "fly the flag" of the cause are mindful of their conduct. I know that we can't control the behavior of every participant in the EL ecosystem, but if we broadcast the EL name, I think that we had better live up to it.
  12. We've been surprised and not a little disappointed to find that there is no store in our area that sells a badge- or button-making kit, so the project has morphed into a less-professional-looking 2 1/4" team badge. We had thought of wearing two- one with the name and one with our rank, dollars raised, or something to that effect- but since the badge is 2 1/4", it's a little large for wearing more than one. BUT it has drawn some attention at work; I wear it on a lanyard a couple of days a week and people have asked what it's all about, so I guess it's doing its job. Since it's light it's not a big deal. I grabbed the font, logo, and colors from the EL media kit page and ran with it. The badges are only about $5.70 for a dozen, and do the trick, I guess, even though they're not sealed. Good luck!
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    Springfield Guild will be representing Extra Life at the MASSive ComicCon today.
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    Hey, any update on how many people are attending? I had a change in some scheduled plans this week and can attend this, if it's still open.
  15. Hey, everyone! I hope your efforts this year have been fruitful. I had a thought about making or using some sort of "status/rank" symbol for the period around fundraising and/or events. I have been wearing one CMN bracelet per $100 raised, and some people do ask about them, which is partially the point. I'm wondering whether or not this idea would work or be acceptable, or if it is even a good one: what if CMN created bands of different colors (if they don't already), and we could use them to represent different denominations? OR, what if someone developed either a lanyard or lanyard/button combination, with different colors or even the words "$100" etc. on the buttons? Just a thought. Maybe this effort should just be local, within the Guild or Team.
  16. Say, one other thing that I just remembered: we were pushing to grab a table at the Mass Mutual Center for a (or some!) Falcons hockey games, but I don't know if Jenna was able to connect with their people. At any rate: I understand that another team is going to move to Springfield. I would personally give a great many weekend hours to be able to table some of those games. Since the AHL is actually centered in Springfield, can you imagine the possibilities if the AHL itself supported the hospitals? The exposure!
  17. One additional place that didn't come up, which isn't an "event" per se, is Action Figure Planet at the Holyoke Mall. I approached them last year, and the owner preferred developing a team of its own (they have some gaming there regularly, so I hear), but I don't believe that it panned out. I don't like to hound people, but I don't think one more attempt would hurt. I think it would be great to have a Mall business affiliated with EL. By the way: I was also working on Best Buy, but only got as far as a couple of employees. I know (or imagine) that Best Buy can't officially support EL necessarily, but I was hoping to at least get some fliers or a poster in the break room.
  18. Hey, all! I'm pretty easy and am available on any day after 4:00, which is when I return to the Springfield area. Oh, by the way, themightytej, that meeting was the first "official" Guild meeting, but we have previously had other meetings in the area with our Baystate rep. We've met before at Baystate and The Quarters in Hadley.
  19. Hey, all! George here, coming in late to the party! I live in Chicopee, and this will be my third year working with Extra Life. I'm mostly a PS4 gamer, but have played on 3DS, as well. I typically game solo, and tend to spend my fundraising effort in visiting businesses and spreading the word that way, in an effort to develop teams. I am currently doing ZERO gaming (shh!) as I am studying for a certification as a personal fitness trainer, but by day I am half of the IT Department. I look forward to multiplying our gaming force out in Western MA and beyond.
  20. Welcome! I'm on my second year, and am pretty excited. I did a raffle last year with things that I requested from local businesses, and this year friends have supplemented the raffle with handcrafted items. I am careful to only petition businesses that recognize me because, if I was a business owner, I'd be wary of an anonymous letter begging for money and/or gear. Some of the items that I have this year are a little large to ship, so I am limiting the raffle to people to whom I can hand deliver them, or easily mail. This year's raffle items are on our local community's page, and on our Facebook Page. We don't have a guild because we're still a bit small, but I wanted to have an online presence so I whipped up a quick website. I have a post on what I did last year here on the forum.
  21. Just a quick update: I ran with d4 ($100), d8 ($250), d12 ($500), and Natural 20 ($1000) for the tiers. I also created a Provisioner (item donor), Herald (distributor of material/signage), and Sanctuary (gameathon our meeting host). We'll see how things work out this year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Just popping in to see the forum- I like the new look! I heard from our Baystate CMN rep that there were over 100 gamers for Baystate last year. Where is everybody?!?
  23. Greetings, and welcome! Unfortunately I have no useful inside information for you. I do, however, use some mobile software called Forum Runner that may be useful to you if you are out and about and want to check in. It doesn't have all of the functionality of this site, but it may be useful. On the down side: it's not free. On a whim I just checked Tapatalk, a free forum app that works really nicely with another forum that I use, and found Extra Life there. I think the admins are testing out how it works. Hopefully it will work well enough to use.
  24. Just as a quick update: a coworker carries dice and said, "What about dice levels?" and that idea stuck. I can see the following happening: d6 d10 d20 Natural 20 ...or something to that effect.
  25. Greetings, all. I'm working on an idea for improving my raffle and sponsor recognition this year, and wonder what everyone thinks about some naming for sponsorship levels. I was thinking about mentioning donors by monetary donation level and/or other contributions, and was going to add a gamer twist to the names. For example, maybe a WoW spin (alternate name in parenthesis): Uncommon (silver)- up to $250 Rare (gold)- up to $500 Epic (platinum)- up to $750 Legendary (maybe Adamantium for a comic twist?)- $1000+ I was also considering supplementing this with some "honorable mention" categories for those who help our cause, and am still noodling some naming conventions: Herald- any donor level that displays signage or media Sanctuary- any donor that donates room for events or meetings Provisioner (I don't care for this name)- any donor of physical/raffle items These would probably be displayed on our group's site, Facebook Page, Twitter feed, and the like, to give the business some recognition. What do you think? I could spin any sort of naming system (console themes, comic, etc.).
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