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  1. I saw that thread.. its 27 pages of posts about how everyone is excited for the fest... which dont get me wrong...I am also but theres no general info that I could find.. there should be an FAQ and Id still like to find from stats from last year..how many people went etc
  2. Put over 200 hours into Xenoblade, such an amazing game. It just kept going and going and going. Like a 10 season long series back to back to back.I am so looking forward to this
  3. Hey folks. Just signed up from good ol Winterpeg, got a 66 SS Im doing up, glad to be part of the forum. Thought I would say Hi.
  4. Im just hoping it will be as good as what Ive heard about other Wizard World cons from around the country.
  5. Volandok

    Episodic Games

    This is still a little confusing to me. So are they saying, if I add 10 people who could just be my friends to my family they can play my games, and I can play theirs as much as I want, as long as we arent playing them at the same time? If that is the case, that is actually really cool
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