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  1. I'm @OrangeLion5 and when I'm not tweeting about nonsense, it's usually about sports and games.
  2. This is a neat idea. If I remember to, I'll join the group! I'm also going to piggy back off of this for an EL Community idea. What if we did a bracket contest and the winner gets $5 donations from all other participants? It would have to be honor system, but then again, the Extra Life event itself is an honor system.
  3. I got an account a little while ago, but haven't streamed on there yet. Actually, I haven't done any streaming this year so far. I might need to fix that.
  4. Awesome concept! I followed on twitter and look forward to where this goes. Also sounds like I'm going to need to hook up my recording device sooner than I expected.
  5. I think the donors simply choose how many months to occur, so no canceling needed.
  6. Back in September, one of my donors decided to do a monthly contribution, for 12 months. So, that's 4 months this year, and 8 months next year. Since we have to re-register for next year, I do have a couple of questions about what just happens to those contributions next year. First off, when we re-register, we have a different URL than the previous year. I'm guessing the system still knows who we are, based on the email of our accounts, and so the donations will go to our new page. Is that correct? Second, and for now finally, suppose I don't register until sometime after the January contribution would have been processed. What would happen then? For example, it seems that this donor has their contributions happen the first week of the month. But what if I don't register until mid to late January...or even say February or March?
  7. I didn't get the number of viewers that I was hoping for, but the ones I did get were friends and family for the most part, and that kept things going. All who were either watching or playing seemed to have a good time, so that works for me. I split up my event into 3 parts: Friday night for 4 hours, Saturday for 16 hours, and Sunday for the last 4 and a little extra. If I had to do it again, I'd probably just do 2 parts: Saturday (8AM to midnight) and Sunday (10AM to 6PM or later). That's to give me more time to prepare after work, and to give myself a good amount of sleep between the sessions. I didn't get to sleep until about 2AM Friday night/Saturday morning, and then woke up at about 7:30 AM Saturday, which basically made the starting few hours on Saturday a little more difficult than they needed to be. I also need to get the stream quality to be a bit better, which likely means getting a new computer. The one I have is 6 years old, and while it can do most that I want to do very didn't have the power to stream at the quality I'd like this year, despite what XSplit tells me. Not sure what exactly changed from last year, and perhaps there's a setting I'm missing, but I have about a year to figure it out anyway. Overall, I'm beyond thrilled with how it turned out...a few bumps in the road, but no major issues....and the goal was absolutely smashed this year. Any and all bumps fall in comparison to that!
  8. Blew away the goal, and there's still donations that will be jumping in...looks like I'll be over the $1,000 mark for the first time!
  9. My jam was NBA Jam: TE. I didn't have a home console growing up, but I did have a GameBoy. And that game was the most played one for me. When I was at a neighbors' house after school, we'd play Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country the most. I played SMWorld in the summer for another gaming marathon (purposely game overing the very first level ) might play it again for this year's event.
  10. Have a pad of paper ready. Whatever your threshold is (for example $5 per entry), write the donor's name on each page ($10 donation would be 2 pages, $15 for 3, etc). Put those pages in a hat, box, jar, whatever. If you have someone else with you, they can pick the winner from the hat/jar/etc, and contact the winner. If not, you can still pick the winner from the hat, but maybe that means waiting until the event ends to contact the winners and get them their prizes.
  11. Depending on the game, maybe pay for an advantage? For example, pay $5 to get a free property in Monopoly, or to start with a Yahtzee, etc.
  12. Still working out the bugs for this year, but provided I don't end up with a colossal failure, I'll be streaming for 4 hours Friday, 16 hours Saturday, and at least 4 more on Sunday next weekend. There will be prizes available to those in chat.
  13. I've seen (and been a part of) other gaming events that try to keep it family friendly. The idea being to make it an event that parents and kids can watch together. Maybe the kids aren't the ones with the credit cards, but perhaps they tell the parents to put their next allowance toward the event. I've also seen charity events that make it well known that they are NOT family friendly, viewer discretion advised, mature audiences only, whatever you want to call it. So, it kinda just depends on who your target audience is. Seems to me like if you've already put the notification on twitch, you're good!
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