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    Join us on Sunday, March 20th from 5 PM to 9 PM at the Seattle Children's Hospital for our official 2016 Kickoff meeting! There will be pizza and soft drinks at the event. Come find out more about the guild, and what you can do to get more involved! Please park in the River lot, or lot 1. Enter at the River entrance, check in with the staff, and they'll guide you to where you need to go!
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    Hello all! We're looking for volunteers to staff an Extra-Life booth at Emerald City Comic Con! We'll need volunteers for every day of the con, starting Thursday, and going through Sunday. The hours are posted below: Thu: 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM Fri: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Sat: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Sun: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  3. Oh snap! I just created a team. We Break Lancers is at it again! Lets do this!
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    Hey everyone! We're holding a Rocket League tournament at the Bellevue Microsoft Store! We'll be doing a ladder style tournament, with a total of 10 teams, up to 4 people per team. There will be a sign up on the Microsoft Bellevue Store website, which will be updated here when it's available.
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    We'll need volunteers to work a booth at Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma. The times are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. RSVP here if you'd like to volunteer, and we'll be in contact with more details soon!
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    Pax Prime!


    I look forward to meeting you guys, Mandy! Welcome, from the Seattle Guild!
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    Come find the Seattle guild(with help from the Vancouver, BC guild!) at PAX Prime this year! We'll be manning the booth all 4 days of PAX from open to close! Bring anyone to our booth that you'd like to get signed up for Extra Life!
  8. Here's the notes from the meeting, in case anyone missed it! Guild Roles Leadership Changes Shelbie Hicks is our new Vice President Brandon Stewart is Social Media Guild Handbook Please, read it. As a guild member, you should be familiar with all the information included. There is a great number of tools available to us in the media kit. Check it out Rick posted it at the top of the FB guild page Guild Purpose (Not a fundraising tool) Keep in mind that we want to encourage people to fundraise, but have to keep a separation between our fundraising and recruitment goals PAX Planning Logistics When/Where § August 28-31, 2015 § WA State Convention Center 800 Convention Pl, Seattle, WA 98101 PAX Planning (Continued) Set-up/Tear Down § Set-up is on Thursday from 6-8PM § Tear Down is on Monday from 6-8PM Badge Swaps will be at the Lounge area on the bottom floor at the main doors Materials Booth (Table, Banners, etc) supplied by CMN Favors – 2.5” Round Buttons provided by hospital § Great design by Christopher Hart – Thanks Chris! § Try to print on metallic button for pop of white lettering Fliers – printed by hospital § Shelbie and Christopher to coordinate design § Include QR code on flier § ¼ sheet cardstock may be better suited to getting people to take them. Guild recruitment card to build the numbers of the guild as well § Supplementary recruitment § Discussed poster, but thought that would take away from Extra Life Recruitment goals § Should include information on how to be added to Facebook group Christopher’s Game Cabinet § Shelbie to bring it to Seattle on Thursday, August 27 § Joshua Griffin will take the cabinet from the event and coordinate with Shelbie and Christopher to return the unit to Bremerton Recruit Sign-ups Laptops § Some guild members to lend theirs § Devon requesting use of 5 Chrome Books from his work Hospital to inquire about WiFi availability at booth Thank you to Christopher for the Trivia and donations to Fundraising pages as prizes PAX Planning (Continued) Volunteer Sign up 7 badges have been provided by CMN for volunteers First opportunity for volunteer sign ups at meeting § Shelbie will request sign ups from guild members unable to attend the meeting over the weekend via FB and Forum and inform all members of their times once the schedule is complete Separate sign up slots for people with their own badges Guild from Canada wants to help us with Volunteering at PAX. Two of the members have their own badges and offered to spend some time throughout the weekend at the booth. They’ve asked for a badge or more to help more of their members attend. If there’s room in our volunteer schedule, we’ll be offering it to them. Alternative information from potential recruits One person at booth will be assigned to take notes pertaining to information people bring that may be of import to the guild or teams. Mike, Shelbie, and Brandon will take these notes at the end of PAX and distribute them to Extra Life, the Guild, or teams as needed. Material Requests Set up Standard op for requesting Materials for events Shelbie and the Hospital will build a standard Purchase Order for supplies for recruitment events. Mike & Shelbie are only contacts for Materials This is to prevent confusion and reduce the number of emails the hospital has to field. Non-Agenda Items Fundraising Events Kaylee has a gaming event during EL Day built to raise funds that independent EL gamers may be interested in attending and may be a good place to get the word out on the Guild – Joshua Griffin to contact for more info Non-Agenda Items (Continued) Fundraising Events (Continued) Mukilteo Arcade § Owner interested in doing an event to help raise funds for Extra Life · This information was derived from PAX last year and no info was provided to a team to help them pursue it. Hence the need for notes and a plan of action as listed above. Anyone interested in the guild should be directed to request an invitation to the Facebook group. From there we can get them set-up on the forums.
  9. Hey everyone! We are having our next Seattle Extra Life Guild meeting this Friday, August 7th, at 6:30 PM. it's being held at the Seattle Children's Hospital, in the Anna Clise Boardroom. The thing you should know, is that people who come to this meeting have first dibs on pax volunteering! If you want to man(or woman!) the Extra Life booth at PAX Prime 2015, you should be at this meeting. Our agenda is as follows: Logistics: When/WhereSet-up/Tear downbadge swapsMaterials: Booth(table, banners, etc) supplied by CMNFavors - Pins(lots of pins) provided by hospitalHalf-Sheet fliers - printed by hospitalRecruit Sign-ups Laptops TRIVIA! Volunteer Sign Up #of badges available for Volunteers is limitedSeparate sign up slots for people with their own badgesMaterial Requests Set up standard op for requesting materials for eventspurchase order ideaMike and Shelbie are the only contacts for materials needspreventing confusionGuild Roles Leadership ChangesGuild handbookguild purpose(not a fundraising tool)
  10. Hey, sorry nobody has contacted you. I'm not a member of the leadership, but I know the people that are. The events are kind of planned last minute and posted on the guild facebook page as they decide when they'll be. I also try to tweet them out on the @SeattleELGuild twitter handle, although that's much more recent.
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    Just photos of myself.
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    From the album: Me

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    From the album: Me

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    From the album: Me

  15. I've just reached my goal as of last Friday! For the last 2-3 years I've increased my goal by double(this year is 1k), and have so far been able to hit it every year. Next year trying to get 2k is gonna be difficult though!
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