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  1. Mega man is awesome Sounds like a pretty great selection, good luck!
  2. Thanks Ben. Appreciate the advice. I'm very excited to do the stream. I'm worried I won't make the 24 hours though. Definitely doing at least half, probably more. 15 hours probably.
  3. Personally I will be starting around 10 am EST on the 5th. My challenge is picking what to play lol. Do I do my gears of war 24 hour marathon or do I stream my backlog of games I haven't played? the struggle is real. >_<
  4. I hear that. Being busy sucks. I'm in school I work and I'm married. >_<. I took the time off specifically so I could stream. :P.
  5. Hello all. With game day fast approaching I was just curious who's gonna be playing what & on what. Personally I'm having a problem deciding if I should do a 24 hour gears of war marathon stream or if I should stream through my crazy backlog for 24 hours. Any suggestions would be awesome lol. Happy gaming!!
  6. this is awesome. done and done!! happy gaming !
  7. Hi all I'm very new to this steaming business but I'm definitely getting brushed up for this awesome event. I mostly stream from my xbox and I am just getting acquainted with moobot and trying to link my extra life donation link to my twitch profile lol. Any help will be appreciated lol. I was saved by a children's hospital when I was younger so this is the least I can do to try and give back. Feel free to add me on any of these.=) Twitch: Rytrick88 Extra life: Rytrick88 8 Xbox live (xbox one): r y t r i c k88 PSN(PlayStation 3): Rytrick1988
  8. I will most likely be playing nhl 15, destiny and call of duty ghosts on my ps3.
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