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  1. Still haven't seen the notes from the January meeting. Also no news on another meeting since then. What's going on with the guild?
  2. THAYT

    Booth Read Me!

    My name is Tim Hayton. I have an event pass, but if you think it'd be better to have an exhibitor pass and if it's not a bother then sure. Otherwise I should be OK.
  3. Mario Kart, Mario Party, Guitar Hero/Rock Band are good party games for groups of people. Short play single player games like Trials for people taking turns. Also Card Games like Superfight.
  4. THAYT

    Guild Introductions

    Name: Tim Hayton Years doing Extra Life: 3 years Why I Extra Life: I like to play games. I like to help kids. I had times when I was young when Doctor's and Hospital's helped me have another chance at life, so I want to help children get a chance at Life. Team (if any): Defiantly Gaming Other "stuff": Discovered Extra Life as an active community member of Rooster Teeth. Play all sorts of games, mostly Console. Believe that there's no such thing as "true" gamer, and that we're all equal however we play. Favourite Food: Purple
  5. Hey! It was great meeting you all. I am Tim, second year participant and Captain of Defiantly Gaming. Last year we worked very hard and did alright at raising money for the children. After meeting all of you I know that I can learn and share new ways to make this year much much better. I'm very happy and looking forward to being a part of this guild!
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