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  1. Actually I have two streams this year, one for each day since I am doing this year's stream with another group. Saturday's stream is just a variety of games with some speed art with the resident artists to fill in the time between setting up other games. Sunday's stream is primarily a fighting game tournament day in which we try our best to emulate EVO's hype (Evolution Championship Series), though on a much smaller scale. Saturday Stream: Sunday Stream:
  2. Do the cheques you submit to the Children's Miracle Network hospitals require you to send the cheques in USD? Or can they be Canadian Cheques?
  3. So far so good, though the program doesn't seem to want to play my .mp3 alert files at the moment. I've tried a few different ones but none of them seem to play within the program.
  4. I guess I'll post here again. My group is now much larger now since I am now collaborating with another local group this year. Just like always, I focus primarily on fighting games, but because of a new addition, we'll be playing a larger variety of games this year as well.
  6. I used the Blue Snowball which cost me $60 on sale at a local mom and pop computer store. They normally go for something like $80. Wasn't too bad, especially since you can change the settings with a pattern switch to go from omni-directional to surround. I heard the Blue Yeti is even better, though it costs twice as much.
  7. I realized...I need a better internet upload rate. Because interacting with an audience where what they're seeing is 20 minutes+ behind is not good. The stream was smooth, but real time chatting was an issue. And yes, this was the first time I've ever streamed for this long. Definitely had to break down my streams. I did 2, 12 hours days which seemed more manageable for people and got much larger donations than expected during this time. Was quite happy with the outcome and was able to raise much more money than expected, especially considering this was my first year of doing this.
  8. Having a cart doesn't exactly mean it's a "real" game. When I mean real, I generally mean one that was recognized and officially supported by Nintendo. Upon further research into "Street Fighter 3 NES", I found it to be an unlicensed game made by a developer that is not Capcom and based on the Street Fighter II game. I do believe you that it's a playable game on a console, but it's not "real" in the sense that it is developed by Capcom or licensed by Nintendo. That's why I asked if it was a bootleg hack, similar to "Kart Fighter" which took the Super Mario Kart characters and made it into a fighting game.
  9. Is there a deadline for the donations? I ask because I am streaming on both the 25th and 26th and am wondering if people are still able to do so after the 25th.
  10. Uh, Street Fighter 3? You sure? That doesn't sound like an NES era game to me unless it's one of those bootleg hacks. You sure it's not Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight? If that's the case, I'd choose Street Fighter 2010. Otherwise, I'd agree with Sapience. Do Castlevania. Also, for Metal Gear 2, are you referring to Snake's Revenge? Because when I think Metal Gear 2, I think of the MSX game.
  11. Your second overlay has a character sprite that gives me a Mother 3 vibe. It makes me want to go play some retro games. Anyways, you may want to put the Extra Life logo in there somewhere since right now, it's just advertising yourself. The right side of the MMO Overlay looks empty at the moment. Are you planning to put chat on the side?
  12. Frankly, if next-gen streaming is like X-Split's Gamecaster, I can't say it's that much of a plus or really worth jumping into the bandwagon for. Personally, I'd prefer having the flexibility and personalization that comes with a computer and dedicated capture card as opposed to onboard software. It just looks more professional that way IMO. And Nintendo's netcode isn't the greatest to stream with. I'd fix that if anything first. But I digress. I'm going to point you to this: Since Speed Runners play a large variety of different systems, you're bound to find people who have particular set ups (ie: NES players are going to complain about lag on an HD TV, so they're not going to have an HDTV. So a capture card with HDMI output only is out of the question). I think this is perhaps one of the better resources I can think of in terms of getting an optimal setup. If you want to know what I personally have, I use the Elgato Game Capture HD, though my TV is an Asus monitor. I haven't found too much lag with this setup. I do play retro systems and have considered upgrading to the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle which gives me more output options but it's probably one of the most expensive options out there which I don't have the cash for at the moment.
  13. Will you be streaming on a laptop or a desktop? How much are you willing to spend for a capture card? Are you playing on Tube TV's or HD TV's?
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