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  1. Sup guys, I'm LaserKillStudios. (Although I'm thinking of changing my channel name to Skyward Soldier LOL.) Anyway, me and my girlfriend will be livestreaming this year for the first time! Pretty excited! I forgot I guess we'll be accompanied by her cousin. A little bit about me, I'm a writer for the website, I run a YouTube Channel called LaserKillStudios. I play a lot of games, but I have a LOT of fighting games. We'll be livestreaming on my Twitch Channel: So be sure to give us a follow! And check out my YouTube Channel as well!
  2. Friday, October 24: Journey to Shadow Jago LIVE! Join us as we fight our way up the ladder to Shadow Jago and challenge him live on stream! Ultra Street Fighter IV Online/Offline MatchesStreet Fighter 3: Third Strike Online/Offline MatchesMortal Kombat 9 Online/Offline MatchesStreet Fighter X Tekken Online/Offline MatchesInjustice: Gods Among Us Online/Offline MatchesSuper Puzzle Fighter II: HD Remix Friday Night HorrorOutlast on PS4.Join us as we play Outlast for the first time on PS4, in the dark! Saturday, October 25: Banjo-Kazooie/TooieBattleblock TheaterMario Part 4 and 7Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Mario SunshineMetroid PrimeMario Power TennisMario Superstar BaseballRampage: Total DestructionSuper Monkey Ball 2Kirby Air RideSonic HeroesLuigi's Mansion. Sunday, October 26: Re-Announcing Give-a-way WinnersEnd of Stream and Thank YousProposing to Girlfriend These are pretty much all our plans lol. But hopefully we'll be able to do it all!
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