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  1. Is there any special badge that would not gain entrance to the Gaming area or are all badges allowed? Where is the gaming room (if we were to enter from near the parking garage on the north side)?

  2. Schools are a huge place to find new gamers - the high school that I graduated from has a game programming course, another high school in the district has a robotics club and there are many gamers to find in these types of areas. Universities have dozens of student organizations and fraternities/sororities that are looking for philanthropic opportunities that don't suck. We're hoping to tap these untapped markets and find gamers or even teams to play for Extra Life. 

    I've been working with some folks in the Kansas City Guild to contact area schools and I thought I would share some of the things that we're using. I have a template email to send to a Student Affairs center that you can modify and send for more information and a template phone conversation that you can use to call a school for more information.

    I'm hoping to post an email template and phone conversation template directed to fraternities and sororities because they get really competitive and if we can set up some frat/soro competition, the biggest winner would be Extra Life. 

    Please let me know if there's anything else you want me to draft or if you've had success with talking to area schools!

    Student Affairs - Unknown school.gdoc

    Phone call to school with no prior contacts.gdoc

  3. I like when the chat mods and other members of the chat talk to each other during the stream and when the main streamer has guests. When the chat is inactive, it makes the streamer have to do all of the conversing, and it's not very effective if they're concentrating on the game. Conversely, though a stream can't be about just the chat, so letting the moderators chat (and having moderators that like to chat) is a good way to keep the focus and the excitement up.

  4. Don't forget our Guild Meeting tonight! 6:30pm at the Microsoft Store at Oak Park Mall!

    We will be discussing leadership changes, summer events like KantCon and KC Comic Con, further recruitment efforts, committee formation...and more!

    Can't wait to see you all there!

    <3 Kiwi

  5. Hi YinScorpion! I'm Kiwi, now a co-Vice President of the local KC Guild. I'm sorry we didn't receive your messages, hopefully when we meet in person we can get all of that sorted out. We have a Guild meeting at the Microsoft Store at Oak Park Mall on May 13th at 6:30 and you're welcome to join us then!

    If you haven't already, "like" the Extra-Life Kansas City page on Facebook and you can send a message through that to get added to the Guild page for updates. We'll also put our meeting summaries there and here in the forums as well.

    Hope you game with you soon! <3 Kiwi

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