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  1. Hey Matthew! I'm a VP of the Kansas City Guild, and Amanda introduced all of us in an email last week. Looks like you definitely have the community site figured out, but I thought I would connect here in addition to email for any questions you may have. :)

    1. Asaomar


      Sounds good! Always happy to have help :D

    2. Kiwi


      From reading your guys' information and activity, you're doing alright! How many members are in your Guild?

    3. Asaomar


      the 3 officers, our cmn contact amanda, we have another 3-4 guys that show up. there are also 2 moms with their kids that showed up at our last recruiting event to hang out/help out but they really don't come to meetings because the kids won't sit still for them(they're like 6-8 years old)

  2. Excited for this new community website! Follow ALL the people!!!

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