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  1. CMN has an online store. They have Dance Marathon branded items but nothing from Extra Life. Is there a reason why? I mean I'd wear an EL hoodie or carry an EL notebook.
  2. Hello to all that follow the Bakersfield Guild Forum. I wanted to give some updates since it's been really quiet in here, as well as an explanation. While Bakersfield continues to meet the requirements for being recognized as a guild (75 people raising $75 or more), I don't believe that we are still considered a guild. Bakersfield does things differently than a lot of other cities, which l will explain a little further down. The immediate Bakersfield area has a population of 368k. The whole county only has 874k, and there's only one other city with over 50k people. Our hospital is also super-small. The Lauren Small Children's Center at Dignity Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield is the only CMN hospital in Kern County. At the time it opened, it had 20 beds. It now has 35. It is not a stand-alone hospital like most. While the LSCC opened in 2012, Memorial Hospital has been a CMN hospital for 26 years. When the national Extra Life program wants to increase fundraising, it stresses increasing recruitment. Our first year as a guild, we jumped from recruiting 400 people online to 1,100 people online. Out of that additional 700 recruits we got - zilch. 700 people didn't raise a dime. Our theory was that is we signed them up like EL suggested, the EL messaging would motivate them. It didn't work out that way, for us anyway. It's obviously been successful elsewhere. So here's what we do that is different from most other cities. In 2012, the Campus Gamers club at Cal State Bakersfield wanted to participate in EL. Since most of our members were participating, it didn't make sense to do it separately, so we did a group event. We brought all of our stuff to the university, and anyone that raised or donated at least $20 could join us for a 12-hour gaming party. We raised $4,300, and our university was recognized by our hospital as "Corporate Partner of the Year." The next year, we raised $10,000. Then $21,000. Then $30,000. Last year, we raised $35,000. In 2016 when we raised $30,000, $26,500 of that was raised through the direct efforts of our own people. Only $3,500 of that came from "somewhere else." In other words, had we NOT held the group event, Bakersfield would have raised probably $5,000 instead of $30,000. In a nutshell, it comes down to this: Our event is big enough that every person in Kern County that wants to support Extra Life can participate in our event, regardless of any other things they might want to do. Prizes are donated by local businesses and game companies that are used to drive fundraising. Every $10 a person raises gets them a drawing ticket. AND, if they raise $100, they get into a separate drawing for a new console. We had 77 people raise $100 or more last year. Last year, some decisions were made to help us grow those numbers. First, we made our gaming equipment available, free of charge, to any local high school or community college that wanted to have its own Extra Life event. Second, since Extra Life doesn't really do "the event thing", we are steering our main event away from the idea of it being "Extra Life", and we're rebooting it as a thing called "RowdyCon." Rowdy is our school mascot, the RoadRunner. RowdyCon includes 25 themed game rooms, student club activities, a vendor expo, a stage area for panels, a cosplay contest, a maid cafe and more. All money raised goes to the hospital through "Extra Life." RowdyCon '18 will be Saturday, October 6th. There is a lot going on around the first of November so we opted to steer clear of that date and move the event forward. Third, we decided to hold a more traditional Extra Life event on "Extra Life Day." We're calling it the "Extra Life 24-Hour VIP Marathon." It's 24 hours long, it's at a person's home, only 50 people can attend, and they don't raise funds - they purchase a ticket for $100 through Evenbrite, with all proceeds going to Extra Life. It's "VIP" because we will provide a modest breakfast, lunch, midnight snack and breakfast the following day, but dinner will be a seven course meal. This $100 is on top of whatever funds they raised through Extra Life that goes through the Extra Life fundraising pages or from RowdyCon. We are continuing to hold Extra Life events at other schools, as well. We also have people that raise money all year doing Twitch streaming or asking for donations at our local movie theater, Maya Cinemas. We've raised a total of $132,000 since 2012, with $32,000 of that coming last year. We are hoping to raise $50,000 this year as RowdyCon grows and as we add more local schools. We don't have the VIP Marathon information ready to go yet, but you can read more about RowdyCon at, which will be updated as the year goes along.
  3. Bakersfield Memorial Hospital broke the $7,500 mark over the weekend. That puts the hospital at 25% of its $30,000 goal. We also have 560 people recruited with another ten to be added in the next day or two. Doesn't look like hitting our 1,000 recruitment goal will be a problem. August is pretty quiet but September is going to be a madhouse.
  4. The Extra Life Bakersfield Guild will be at the premiere for the new Adam Sandler movie, "Pixels" with Peter Dinklage, Kevin James and Josh Gad. Thursday, night, Jule 23rd from 6 pm to 10 pm at the Maya Cinemas on California Ave. in Bakersfield. We will have over a dozen consoles playing vintage video games like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and lots more. Games are free to play but they will be inside the theater lobby, so a movie ticket (to any movie) may be required to access the gaming area. We will be joined by the NerdFapPodcast crew.
  5. Wednesday, July 22, 2015 from 7 pm to 9 pm. OK to go later if people want. OK to bring friends, but please click "I'm Going" on the Facebook event page so we can gauge attendance. Also OK to bring munchies, drinks, and folding chairs.
  6. I'm in Bakersfield. I tried to share a link to this post on my Facebook, but it goes to the Community page and not the forum thread.
  7. She has broken the 120 mark. 135 is the current record. She is aiming for 140. Come cheer her on!
  8. I'm Ed, the Pres. of the Extra Life Bakersfield Guild. One of our members, Carrie Swidecki, is currently attempting to beat her own world record by playing "Just Dance"... for 140 hours. She is going after three records: 1) Longest marathon for a motion game. She already holds the record at 76 hours. 2) Longest marathon for a dancing game. She already holds that record too, from her last attempt, at 76 hours. 3) Longest video game marathon. Currently 135 hours of Call of Duty (record holder unknown.) Extra Life worked with her to setup her own page for this attempt that works a little differently than a typical individual or team page. If you donate to her page, it will look at your zip code and apply the money to the CMN hospital closest to the zip code. It will NOT go to her home hospital of Lauren Small Children's Medical Center at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, unless you just happen to have a zip code that would make that your closest hospital. No, it will go to your OWN hospital. Here's a link to her fundraising page: Here's a link to her Twitch stream so you can follow along: Our Campus Gamers club, who organizes our group Extra Life event each year, will be handling timekeeping duties for Carrie on Tuesday, July 14th from 2 AM until 2 AM the following day. For those who are curious, it works like this: Every 60 minutes she plays, she gets to "bank" 10 minutes of break time. The way she works is that she will play for 7-8 hours at once, and bank 70-80 minutes. She eats Subway a bite at a time between songs so she doesn't have to use up break time (songs have to run continuously so she has to be ready to start with the next song starts). Toward the end of 24 hours, she will use 60 minutes of the time for a 1 hour nap. She has to keep time banked in case of an equipment failure, which has frequently happened to her at about the 17 hour mark (overheating, usually). Her team will swap out the Xbox and she'll hopefully lose minimum time. Please check it out and share the links with your guilds. I'd appreciate it.
  9. Sadly, neither Last Guardian, FFVII remake, Shenmue III nor Uncharted 4 will be out this year, but many still claimed Sony stole the show. MS exclusives Halo 5, Forza 6, Gears Remaster and Rise of the Tomb Raider will all be out this year. Star Fox looked awesome but I don't know what it's release date is expected to be. Multiplatform games For Honor, Persona 5, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, will all make it this year. For me, it's Rock Band 4, Oct. 6th. There were two other games that dropped my jaw. Beyond Eyes is from the point of view of a 10 year old blind girl and what she imagines is happening based upon what she hears, feels and smells. Tacoma showed a girl gaining access to a room by using ASL as a password. If they pull that off it will change everything. Tacoma could literally teach its players ASL over the course of the game. Imaging starting a game and speaking another language by the time it's over. Crazy.
  10. Don't "sell" them. Give them to people as a thank you for their donation. If they'd like to donate $5, give them X as a way of saying "thanks." If they'd like to donate $10, give them Y. And so on.
  11. Check your local library, too. We've held our first three meetings in three different game stores. We're also affiliated with a college club, so if we need to meet on campus, we can, but parking is $5 so it's a last resort. A couple of our stores have beef, but neither has beef with us.
  12. There are a couple of sellers I buy from most of the time: bestselleryjy dinglianbaby Then there are others I only buy from once in a while: ovepop2009 perfect_top_store herpop (mostly charms) I only ordered from go-gift1225 once and the order never arrived. I got a refund and the interactions were pleasant. I'm just not convinced they ever actually shipped. I try to avoid buying random mixed lots because you could end up with some real meh stuff. With the charms it's cheap enough that I'll take the chance and I've gotten some really cool things. I think 100 charms is about $25. I might go for a larger lot next time to see if I get more obscure charms that way. Here's a picture of the last lot of random charms I got: I had half the ponies, the Frozen charms (all but one Olaf), the Baymaxes and the Pokemon charms before I got the mixed lot, but I included them in the picture so I could show everything I had on me. I got this three days ago, and the Disney Princesses, the Jack and Sally, the Pooh and Eeyores, and both Marias from Aristocats are gone already. However, there are some of them where you can pay $10 and get five of two styles (Batman black/yellow, Capt America shield/character, Star Wars logo empty/filled, Pokemon yellow/blue/green/pink). This is a way for you to increase your selection without having to buy ten of only a single thing. If these take off for you, you'll eventually find yourself wanting to buy more than 10. Batman Logos, Minecraft Creeper, Star Wars, Dragonball Z won't last through a single event (midnight launch, convention, movie premier). I have to buy 20 of those at a time or I spend more time waiting to get them than I do having them. BTW, shipping is free but they're coming from Hong Kong. If you have a small order it will come USPS and will take about a week and a half. If it's a larger order they use DHL and it takes about 5-6 days. I'm in Cali so if you're east coast I don't know how much time that might add to the delivery time.
  13. The restaurants usually have a template. If a restaurant doesn't but wants to do a fundraiser, I'm sure you could make one.
  14. Lanyards. There are a number of sellers on eBay that sell lanyards ten for $10 with free shipping. Here's my story. A local game retailer closed. They had 350 lanyards in about 15 styles, including Mario, Zelda, Assassin's Creed, Batman, Transformers and a few others. I bought them for $300. We took them to a local convention, Bak-Anime (Bakersfield Anime Con). WE DID NOT SELL THEM. We gave them to people who signed up for Extra Life, OR, we gave them to people who made a $5 donation (not a sale). It went kinda like this. Out of every 10 lanyards we had, two people signed up and eight people donated $5. So, roughly $10 worth of lanyards generated $40 and two new recruits. We raised $700 at that one event (over two days). Problem was, we were going to run out of lanyards fast. Then I found out we could get them from eBay for basically the same thing we paid the store that was closing - a buck a piece. So, I bought a few to try it out and add a few different styles to the ones we had. They were a hit, too. Right now, this is how it's working for us. 10 lanyards generates $40 and two recruits. $10 of the $40 replaces all ten lanyards. $30 of the $40 goes to the hospital. Do you want to know how it's working? Out of 170 hospitals, Bakersfield is #2 behind Boston in recruits (and just BARELY behind, with 450 recruits), and we're #10 in fundraising (with $5,428). One of our first recruits raised $125 her first day. And it cost us a $1 lanyard to recruit her. A student we met at the Avengers premier started a team at his high school. It's not on the books yet but he said a team member already got a $2,000 check donated. (Still waiting to see proof of that but waiting with all fingers crossed.) We currently have almost 100 different lanyards for people to choose from, and we take them to local cons and expos, movie premiers, game midnight launches, events on the college campus, and more. The lanyards are divided into four basic types: Games (Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon), Movies (Star Wars, Transformers, Batman), Anime (One Piece, Dragonball Z, Attack on Titan) and Cartoons (Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Nightmare Before Christmas). Every event we go to, different stuff is in demand. We also added some little charms for a $1 donation. 20 cost about $7. They hang from the lanyards. We got Jack Skellington, four Eevieloutions Pokemon, four Mario mushrooms, some Frozen and My Little Pony charms, and people eat them up. These things are like flashing neon lights to get people to walk up to your table so you can tell them about the program. I will say that we have an event at the college, but last year, a women brought her son and stayed to play games with him. A college student told her it was nice to see and he'd do anything to get his mom to play games with him. So we are trying to focus our recruitment toward getting families to create family teams, raise money as a team, and spend Extra Life Saturday just playing games at home as a family. People have responded well to this idea, both parents and kids.
  15. Jet Set Radio Future ("We need some help on Aisle Ten.") Halo(s) Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross Bastion DOAXBV (haters gon' hate - I discovered Olga Tanon because of this) Phantom Crash Elder Scrolls (any) Valkyria Chronicles Select tracks from Perfect Dark Zero (Glitter Girl), Gunvalkyrie (Kelly), Civ IV (Baba Yetu)
  16. I can't speak for the whole userbase, only my interests. I still have Rock Band, recently upgraded to the Ion drumkit, have two of the Logitech rosewood "GH" guitars, and probably 400 DLC songs. I am eagerly anticipating Rock Band 4, but I've never gotten into the GH series.
  17. 1) We're checking with the Maya Cinemas about returning this weekend with our table and banner to sign people up. We are now one person short of having recruited 400 people for our hospital. 2) May's Guild meeting will be at The Gaming Spot off Fruitvale south of Hageman, Thursday, May 14th from 7 pm to 9 pm.
  18. We received a $30 check today - the first check this year. We've previously printed out an off-line donation form, mailed in the check, etc. etc. Is it possible to scan the check and send the image so it can be processed faster?
  19. Extra Life Bakersfield Guild members and Campus Gamers club members will be at the Maya Cinemas on California Ave. in Bakersfield starting at 6 PM. Set up will begin at 4:30 and the event will continue until 1 AM. There will be a dozen games set up inside the theater and a registration table outside so we can engage people in line. Our goal is to turn 500 moviegoers into real life superheroes by recruiting them for Extra Life.
  20. This was done by for $503 shipped to California, and once it was uploaded and paid for, it took about a week to get it. The frame breaks down and comes with a nice canvas storage bag with enough room to put the cloth banner in, too. I added the logo, uploaded the image to the site, then gave the URL to the "shopping cart" to the hospital. They paid for it and had it shipped to my address.
  21. Our banner for Bakersfield should be arriving tonight. I'll post pics. We'll be using it this weekend at an event at Cal State Bakersfield, and next week at the Avengers premiere.
  22. Day 1. Probably three copies. We had three people playing Skyrim on three different Xbox 360 consoles simultaneously at one point. I'm still not too hep on MMO playing. I've always stuck with single player campaign games that I can play at my own pace. I could love it or it could be an instant turn-off for me.
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