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  1. @Danielleri I think I may have the more black, less brown version of your adorable kitty. She also like to "help" m…

  2. Bout to get in the Halloween spirit with some # Goosebumps #FTK!

  3. RT @Swery65: Villains are talking about their evil vision to profit secretly from poor workers now. Me? I'm talk about tattoo and butt with…

  4. @emilyvgordon In the Dark I See by @lights

  5. Gonna finish up #TLOU tonight! The second half of the game has been fantastic! Join me over at #Twitch #LetsPlay

  6. I just raised $5.68 for local @CMNHospitals thru @ExtraLife4Kids. You can donate too! #EXTRALIFE

  7. The #NintendoNX turned out to be everything I hoped (so far). They nailed the announcement. Plus we can all stop saying Wii soon #switch

  8. RT @timturi: Oh shit been focusing a on Red Dead Redemption 2 so much we all missed that the sequel to peanut butter launched…

  9. Due to another EL event I want to be a part of on November 5th, I will be doing my marathon early this year! This Saturday, I'm going to do my 25 hours. I will be doing all the game giveaway stuff and I'll hopefully have some silly inventives planned out. Any support y'all can give would be fantastic XD I've also decided to try a loose schedule of events this year instead of playing one game the whole time or winging it as I go. We'll see how well I stick to it throughout the day, but I'm gonna do my best! You can find that schedule here if you're interested. Thanks!
  10. My schedule is up for my #ExtraLife 25 hour stream this Saturday! Check it out here: #FTK

  11. RT @ExtraLife4Kids: Tmrw catch @AndreAwesomeTV, @JustUsLeaguers, @rlopezguerrero, @RealMillenniumG & @CaKarst32 on…

  12. It's #SoulsDay and I'm streaming! 3 days in a row! Join me for some #DarkSouls3 - #Twitch

  13. RT @Lin_Manuel: Good morning. Do NOT get stuck in the comments section of life today. Make, do, create the things. Let others tussle it ou…

  14. I'm streaming tonight! Join me in about 15 minutes for the beginning of #TLoU! #Twitch

  15. No #FFFriday tonight. My mother has invaded my "studio" (spare bedroom).

  16. I should mention that #DarkSouls3 Ashes of Ariandel will most certainly get some love before the FF actions kicks off!

  17. Update: I've been spending time thinking how I wanna go forward w/ my stream. I promise I'll be back soon! I have some ideas in the works.

  18. RT @herobyclicking: Visit @CaKarst32 on the official #ExtraLife Twitch Channel in about 30 minutes…

  19. I now have 847603 points on, the cross-platform achievement tracker. I now rank #700 in United States!

  20. RT @WGladstone: Holt: Good night, I'm Lester Holt Trump: No you're not. Holt: OK, good night.

  21. Time for some #FFFriday! It's back! I'm just gonna plop back into #FF6 somewhere. Join me!

  22. RT @herobyclicking: Woohoo! Please welcome @ashleyawoww to the official #ExtraLife Stream Team. Check the schedule!…

  23. I now have 844447 points on, the cross-platform achievement tracker. I now rank #695 in United States!

  24. I donated in support of Extra Life!

  25. I now have 843220 points on, the cross-platform achievement tracker. I now rank #693 in United States!

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