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  1. Here's my twitch link. I'm still working on it
  2. I'd like to help if i can. (novice streaming) I work shift work as well, mainly evenings though, so maybe some daytime streaming?
  3. OOOHHHH shirts!! Hello everyone. Hi Erin, it was good to meet you at FanExpo last weekend. I would like a large of both please.
  4. Thank you very much HeroByClicking and Battery_H for your help and suggestions. I will work on this more in the coming weeks.
  5. Hey everyone I'm slowly getting into streaming. I have a twitch page, and added my ExtraLife donation link. I am going to figure out my profile banner and all of that lovely stuff later, but what i'm here to ask is about monitors. I'm going to be streaming from my laptop. Is it necessary to have 2 monitors in order to see my twitch chat room? Is there another way to do it? I'm using the free XSplit Gamecaster. Thanks for all of your help **edit** Also for cameras. I may eventually want to have a camera, and not sure if i can somehow put that in the game so that i can see it while i play.
  6. For those of us streaming ( I say us, but i'm still tinkering) ... what are your twitch handles? I'm Mn84evR. Don't expect too much yet... still figuring things out
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