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  1. I thought, during the game day stream, they said March 7-10 would be Momentum/ELU.
  2. I will check Rick's and if @lexifatale replies, I will check there too. Thanks, and any additional recommendations are welcome!
  3. I thought I saw a forum post before about someone that did custom paint jobs on controllers, but, I could not find it. I am interested in having an Extra Life custom controller made, and would appreciate any recommendations.
  4. It looks like ELU donations went out to 15 of the final top 16 from the tournaments, but, I did not get mine. I finished 9th overall, with $6500. My participant number is 246674. And my page is located at http://el.futiles.net *EDIT* I GOT IT! YAY!
  5. Fantastic notes, thanks for the info.
  6. Will the tabletop games be the physical games, or will we be playing digital versions? Since the ELU tournament information page is using artwork from digital games (Smallworld 2 is the digital version, and that artwork for Citadels is for an unrelated game to the tabletop game CItadels), I was hoping to get clarification so I know which games and versions to expect. Thanks!
  7. You know, I actually washed my shirt, in the laundry room, every night at my hotel. I would stay and hang out, go do dinner, have some drinks, then, get to the hotel room, change, go to the laundry, come back, sleep.
  8. You know, tissues should be included in the welcome bag. I pointed that out last year. Also, portable battery pack you can also use to charge devices. Right now is a great time to get them, especially larger ones that will give you 2-4 charges of your phone, table, game...
  9. ELU 2016 was amazing. After watching ELU2014, and seeing how much fun everyone was having, and then seeing a tabletop track get added for 2016, I knew I had to go. While I did not do that well for my hospital, the friendships I have made are something extra special. Since then, I have seen fellow ELU tabletoppers at GenCon and BGGCON, and even hosted two of them in my house for 5 days during BGGCON, and I cannot wait to see them again in March. I EVEN MET A UNICORN!!! (with a Sean Rooney in the background...) The motivation meeting the champions gave me the energy to not only exceed my goal, but, more than triple it this year. Not only that, after spending time with the champion from my home state of Louisiana, I found out he had also done Extra Life and he had raised $450, and was said he was short of a silver medal, so, I gave him mine. (Which inspired another Extra Lifer to give his medal to his state's champion!) So, my flights are booked, my entrance registered, my hotel booked, and my shuttle service requested. I will see you there in March (and if you haven't heard, Thursday, March 23, 2017 is my birthday, so, we will party with the kids, I'll bring a cake - now I have to find a cake in Orlando...)
  10. Still on my Birthday... Open gaming, hanging out with kids, and celebrating 40...
  11. Just registered, booked my flights, reserved my hotel, and reserved my Disney Magical Express shuttle rides. Now, we just need it to be March! Looking forward to year two (for me).
  12. Let me know what I can do from a distance.
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