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  1. Woo! Thanks for posting about this!
  2. Hey all! I have a Halloween stream scheduled for this Saturday at 1pm ET. It's my first stream after taking almost a year off, so I'll probably need some pitty views if you want to stop by Heck, if anything we can just chat about Game Day plans and swap ideas (I can't believe it's so close!) I'll be playing the Outlast 2 demo and Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location - maybe some DOOM if I have time. Twitch Channel See you there!
  3. Does anyone have Superfight and plan on (or is interested in) streaming it on Game Day? I got a code in Loot Crate and figured it would be a great game to get a group of Extra Lifers together and have all of us stream it. Here's a link to a game play video on Steam if you don't know what the game is: If we can't get at least 4 people to play it then I'll just use it as a donation incentive give away, so no worries! Let me know if you're interested in playing for an hour or two during your marathon!
  4. I actually really love this. I haven't always agreed or seen the point of all of Nintendo's innovations, but I can stand behind this one. I hope the functionality/specs/ease of use are all there - the launch video was really cool. It appeals to me because I don't really play mobile consoles - I just use my phone when I want to play a game on the go. But with this I would have more interest because I can continue a game I was invested in at home without lugging around the whole console while traveling in order to play it again. Looking forward to more details!
  5. The event went well! It was definitely a low-key gathering, but everyone who came seemed really enthusiastic about our cause and encouraged us to do another meetup. It was a good trial run for me, so I definitely have ideas for improvement the next time I try it. We had about 15 attendees, gained 7 new registrants (pictured below), $20 in donations, and 2 new toys to donate to CHOA! I can't get the pictures to attach upright, so sorry that they're sideways lol
  6. Welcome Lizzy! And I'm totally going to check out The Secret World. My husband and I have been looking for an mmorpg to play that isn't WoW lol
  7. @Beth I do have a quick question, actually. I was going to print some brochures, but they are out of date. I know we had some at MomoCon that were updated and different, but I didn't see those on the forums. Do you happen to know of or have a file that I can print to hand out?
  8. One week out! Here's hoping all these "Interested" RSVPs turn into "Going" for my meet up. My goals are to get at least 5 new registrants and maybe some donations, but also a box full of toys to bring to CHOA. Hopefully I'll have a bunch of pictures to upload if all goes well Wish me luck!
  9. I'm planning a small Pokemon meetup in my town on the 20th! I'll have a sign up table with registration forms and pamphlets, so hopefully I can get it scheduled and it pans out!
  10. Thanks @MrD1sturbed!!
  11. I'm actually really pumped about this. It's kind of the perfect idea (though I do also see the potential down-sides). I'd get one in a heartbeat. My area has 0 wifi because I live around a bunch of farms, so I have to walk pretty far just to get out of dead zones. This would help on days that I can't drive 20 minutes to town just to get to humanity LOL Don't get me wrong - I agree that people should keep on walking and playing as intended, but some areas are hard to traverse- especially when it's company/private property or just in an inconvenient location. Not only that, but it would allow people to play at home as well. I'm sure the range on this won't be that crazy, so I wouldn't expect it to take over the walking aspect completely. People will walk and drone all day. But if it does violate TOS and there is a restriction put on it, I totally agree that it should be opened up for people with disabilities. Kind of like the idea of those petitions about driving - you would be able to turn on or off the restrictions if you were a passenger in a car.
  12. Ohhhh a Pokemon Go Walk sounds awesome! I'll have to look into coordinating something like that and do some fundraising locally.
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