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  1. ThePyroTV

    Your 2018 Extra Life Stories!

    Ever Extra Life event is different and we all have different experiences. Lets here yours! What did you play? Did you do anything crazy fun for incentives? What would do differently for 2019?
  2. Just found this thread, thought I'd share my Extra Life should piece I got last year.
  3. It kind of saddens me that the Winnipeg Extra Life forums have died down, I can take some blame for that. Extra Life gets bigger every year and with that I know there's people in Winnipeg who are just starting out but have questions so I've started this thread to help give advice to anyone seeking insight, help, or whatever it may be. This will be my 7th year, I want to help those just starting out have the best event they possibly can!
  4. ThePyroTV

    Starting early this year!

  5. ThePyroTV

    Starting early this year!

    Shaw would be our best bet as a lot of commercial spaces use Shaw already.
  6. ThePyroTV

    Starting early this year!

    I've never done a Play Room event but it could be fun! I have a lot of capture stuff so we could do PC/Console if we wanted.
  7. ThePyroTV

    Starting early this year!

    The more the merrier! I get competitive when it comes to who raises the most money thought So let the competition begin.
  8. ThePyroTV

    Starting early this year!

    Go big or go home, right?
  9. ThePyroTV

    Starting early this year!

    A lot of you may not know who I am but that's ok. I've been doing Extra Life going on 5 years now and have always plateau'd around the $500 mark. This year I want to change that and go for the $1,000 mark. To do that I've created incentives which can be found on my donation page to help drive people to donate hopefully (fingers crossed). I'm going to attempt this years Extra Life in 3 parts, each 24 hours, in an attempt to raise the $1,000 in chunks rather than a 1 time shot. First round begins April 16th, second round will be roughly around mid September, and final round will be November 5th to coincide with the global event. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts, whatever, maybe some support *wink wink nudge nudge* on my page: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/shawnbernard Cheers to another year every one!
  10. ThePyroTV

    How to get involved?

    Hi Sturbinator, I'm not a part of that Facebook Messenger chat and going to be attending the guild meetings in the future. Regards
  11. ThePyroTV

    New Guild Meeting Date Suggestions

    Thursdays is my podcast day
  12. ThePyroTV

    2015 experience

    I really want to get these forums bumping and get new people involved. I have a lot of friends who did Extra Life this weekend but aren't aware theres forums to communicate/participate with one another. That all being said let's hear how your experience was this year!!! Personally this was my favourite year so far participating. I raised more money than I ever have, the stream had literally no issues (no frame drops, no internet drops), and my chat was a constant chatter of meme's or kappa's. Felt so accomplished going to bed at 10 a.m yesterday.
  13. ThePyroTV

    How to get involved?

    I've contacted you via PM Graeme.
  14. ThePyroTV

    How to get involved?

    So I've been observing from the side lines for a bit now and would like to bring a few things to the table to help take the Winnipeg Guild to the next level. Through the major gaming community grape vine I've been hearing a lot of commotion around Extra Life but people are not sure how to approach it yet. I would like to help bridge the gap between the two. If Jasmyn Johnson could please send me a private message (I got the name from another posting) that would be much appreciated.
  15. Hey, I'm Shawn I haven't been able to attend an EL Guild meeting yet but I'm a staff member from the BaseLAN event and a participant of EL for the last few years! I've been here for a bit but hiding in the shadows but hoping to now be able to post more. Here are my tags/links. steam: pyro1991337 twitter: https://twitter.com/casual_bot twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/pyro1991337 Cheers!