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  1. Here's the meeting's loose outline from what I can remember: - Podcast rotation between Detroit Guild members - Motor City Comic Con, Youmacon, and other gaming convention presence for recruitment - Additional ideas for advertising the Detroit Guild - Next meeting planned for May 20
  2. Oh, alright. I can make it there by then. Thanks.
  3. I've received the email about the meeting planned for next Wednesday, but the invitation didn't state when it would start. I live pretty far from Royal Oak, so I need to know what time the guild's coming together so I can move around my schedule and possibly make it there. Does anyone know what time the guild meeting is supposed to begin?
  4. If I understand what you're looking for, you'll want to download Teeboard: Download the app, insert the .swf chat file as a media file on the screen, and use chroma key to eliminate the chat's green-screen'd background. You can adjust the chat's size, brightness, font, and if it fades out while idling from Teeboard's settings.
  5. With enough notice, I'm free to meet for Wednesday/Thursday evening meetings. Staying in Ann Arbor will work for me too.
  6. I'll most likely be there. Never heard of Digital Ops before.
  7. Register'd. Good thing, too. Already had people banging on my stream's door to donate and I had nowhere to direct the cash.
  8. Is there a size chart or material listed for the shirt? I still need to upgrade and pick a size.
  9. I'll be running a raffle every 2 hours during the marathon on Oct. 25. The prize list includes a bunch of Steam games I've accrued specifically for main stream: Hitman: Absolution The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Receiver Risk of Rain Joe Danger Jet Set Radio Shadowrun Returns Left 4 Dead 2 Metro: 2033 Terraria Pixeljunk Shooter Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Bionic Commando + Rearmed Bundle Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning I'll be keeping to digital-only prizes this time around since I'm running this whole event solo on my stream and want to streamline the process as much as possible.
  10. I'm a frequent Hearthstone player (silverspud#1446), but not so much on stream. Back when I first set up my twitch channel, I ran popular games like LoL and Hearthstone and found very few viewers. Eventually, I switched over to more niche games that you wouldn't find on the front page and gathered a following that would consistently tune in to watch even when I switched games every night. From there, it led to a variety channel being established that would occasionally delve into Hearthstone matches on a very infrequent basis. The bump I received from my established viewer base pushed me to the midrange of the other Hearthstone streamers and helped gather steam in that pool of viewers as well. Unfortunately, the best way to gather a following is to already have one in most cases. As far as the game itself, Rogue and Hunter are going to take a serious hit in the next week with the Leeroy and Buzzard nerfs going into effect. It appears that Handlock is going to be making a comeback with the Miracle decks being annihilated. For cheap decks, Zoolock is the go-to strategy since midrange/trap Hunter is being taken down several pegs. The meta is about to make a major shift and it's important to have 3 decks on hand if you wish to climb to legendary. You need the popular deck that everyone else seems to concentrate on, the counter to the most popular deck in the meta, and the counter to that counter deck. Then just pray you guessed right in this rock-paper-scissors deck selection and hit legendary eventually.
  11. I'll be running a straw poll the month before the marathon starts so my viewers can decide which game I'll play. Judging by their previous choices, Minecraft on PC will be the likely choice.
  12. I'm looking at a Minecraft Marathon with my viewers this year. My audience tends to reach across a wide variety of timezones, so I should get a healthy rotation of additional players for the full 24 hours.
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