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  1. Hope you all had a great opening night at Extra Life United 2017! Starting tomorrow, the Challenge Stations sponsored by Microsoft will be available! Play games for a chance to win money for your hospital! Below is the schedule and rules, so get informed and get ready to play hard! Challenge Station Schedule
  2. Hey friends! Some of you know I'm planning to run a one-shot D&D campaign for those attending ELU! This is unaffiliated, unofficial, and just for the pure love of gaming! A lot of you expressed interest, so here is a google form for you to fill out in order to determine when the best time to play would be for the majority of people. I'll be arriving in Orlando Monday and leaving Monday, so there's lots of time before or after the ELU events! Fill this out to the best of your abilities, please! If you have any questions, you can contact me directly or use this forum. Dungeons & Dragons & ELUrs: Questionnaire
  3. @K8Morosky @Bacchanalian Yes! We'll take more. I need to do an official head count now that we're getting closer. I'm also no too sure -when- we will play, so for the meantime, toss me an e-mail (this goes for anyone else that was interested in a D&D game) with your name, race/class/background you're interested in playing for 5e (start at 5th level) and when you're arriving/leaving! E-mail: xgnomedicx@gmail.com <3
  4. Now that bookings are solidified, this gnome will be attending ELU2k17! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE! Miss you guys so much and I hope to make new friends too! <3 <3 <3 I'll be staying with Jason, Emily, and Dave, and we're flying out from Monday - Monday! I'm torn between competing or volunteering, and leaning more towards volunteering. <3 For those staying later or coming early, I DO want to host an open game of Dungeons & Dragons 5e. If you are interested in playing, shoot me a private message here or on FB so I can get a headcount and start working on the campaign. Figured it'd be great to finally play with other ELUrs! No experience necessary!
  5. ValorCon is right around the corner! Chicago's answer to GenCon, this is a great place for Extra Life to be setting up a table at! Sign Ups for volunteers have started! You can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dOpuGt9fPyTZ29O7LkUlLIc6fPh_BsestxCqNTYTOog/edit?usp=sharing Who: VALORCON Where: 111th N. State, Chicago, IL When: September 30 - October 2, 2016 What: Gaming Convention Badges will be covered, so no worries! Be sure to check for updates on the facebook guild group! Any questions, contact us at: chicagoextralife@gmail.com.
  6. Gnomedic


    Come join the Chicago Extra Life guild at the ValorCon booth September 30 - October 2nd in Chicago, IL! This is Chicago's answer to GenCon, so it's the perfect place to team up with Extra Life! Sign up sheet is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dOpuGt9fPyTZ29O7LkUlLIc6fPh_BsestxCqNTYTOog/edit?usp=sharing Be sure to be part of our facebook group to keep up-to-date on additional events and information regarding ValorCon! Any questions, contact: chicagoextralife@gmail.com! Hope to see you gamers there!
  7. Hey everyone! Here is a list of the upcoming events. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at chicagoextralife@gmail.com! July 26, Tuesday, 6pm - Chicago Guild Meeting @ Lurie Children's Hospital August 13, Saturday - BitBash Chicago August 18-21 - Wizard World / Chicago Comic Con We are looking for volunteers for Wizard World and would love to have you!
  8. Gnomedic

    Chicago Guild Meeting

    Join us on Tuesday, July 26th at Lurie Children's Hospital at 6pm for the Chicago Guild meeting! You can RSVP and obtain more details by emailing us at chicagoextralife@gmail.com!
  9. Heya @Gequalsmas Welcome to the family! Trust me, I understand how far out Chicago can be. I'm in the NW burbs near Volo! So if you're near me, I do try to organize some events out for northern Lake County/McHenry. I know, as a guild, we're trying to move meetings around to include people from all over. I believe our other leaders are from the south of Chicago too. Still, there are plenty events for you to come hang out and help with! If there are any you find interesting in your area, please let us know! We're more than willing to travel if we have the man power to do so! Two weeks ago we were all the way out in Rockford! I'll add ya on PSN!
  10. Gnomedic

    Clash of Clans LIVE

    Register to play some Clash of Clans with folks from all around the US at Ignite Gaming Lounge to help raise money for Extra Life! Register to play at the event here: https://clashlive.com/ We're looking for a few people to help out at the Extra Life recruiting table from 12p-9p that day! Please e-mail Joey at: xgnomedicx@gmail.com if you're interested in helping or RSVP on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/260732957650238/
  11. until
    Need a few volunteers to help out at the recruitment table for our friends out in Rockford from 9a-12p on Sunday! Pleas RSVP on facebook if you're able to make it out there: https://www.facebook.com/events/992653324186038/ If you're looking to play in the tournament, go to their website here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1560104790968892
  12. until
    We need volunteers to man the Extra Life booth at the Smash'n'Splash weekend tournament! Schedule will be posted soon. Smash'n'Splash is a Smash Brothers tournament at Keylime Cove in Gurnee, IL! It offers brackets for Wii U Singles, Smash 64 Singles, Wii U Doubles, Smash 64 Doubles, PM Singles, PM Doubles, Melee Singles, and Melee Doubles. The amateur bracket will be benefiting Extra Life! We need volunteers to help with sign ups during the tournament! If you're able to volunteer this weekend, please RSVP here. Some of the events last until midnight or begin at midnight, so we need guildies for all types of shifts. Any questions, please email Joey at: xgnomedicx@gmail.com! A schedule will be posted soon. Volunteers should plan on 6-8 hour shifts from AM, PM, and Overnight hours. If you're looking to compete, hurry and register online at: http://smashnsplash.com! Less than 100 tickets remain!
  13. Gnomedic

    Twitch Chicago Meetup

    ***We'll need a few folks to run the Recruitment Table from 6p-9p. This is a 21+ event. Please RSVP on facebook if you are able to commit: https://www.facebook.com/events/181326535601719/***What is Twitch Chicago?Twitch Chicago was created by Brandon Stennis aka UGR Gaming, a variety caster on Twitch in 2015. The main focus for the meetups were to have a sense of community amongst local Chicago streamers and viewers of Twitch. Now, the meetups have become a breeding ground for local gaming developers and companies to come and meet those streamers and viewers who will take part in their products.Also it is a great way of showing all of the great gaming locations around Chicago and spotlight them as well. It is an overall experience for everyone to have fun and meet someone new! Be sure to head to their website to RSVP: http://www.twitchchicagomeetup.com/
  14. until
    Come hang out with other Extra Lifers and gamers over at Headquarters in North Sheffield! Starts at 2pm! Food, drinks, games, friends, and lots of fun! Please RSVP on facebook so we have a headcount: https://www.facebook.com/events/992653324186038/ 2833 North Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657
  15. Hey Chicago Extra Lifers! We've got 4 major events coming up in June and we need volunteers! Please RSVP ASAP to any events you're able to attend to help run the recruitment table, or just come and check out these great events! May 29th @ Headquarters - General meetup, just hangout with other ELers! https://www.facebook.com/events/992653324186038/ June 4th @ Emporium Logan Square - Twitch Chicago Meetup: https://www.facebook.com/events/181326535601719/ June 11-12 @ KeyLime Cove, Gurnee - Smash'N'Splash Tournament: https://www.facebook.com/events/190530784679340/ June 12 @ Hoffman House, Rockford - Chip Damage 3 Gaming Tournament: https://www.facebook.com/events/1211963332160934/ June 25 @ Ignite Gaming Lounge - Clash of Clans LIVE: https://www.facebook.com/events/260732957650238/ If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, rsvp on the facebook page, here, or e-mail Joey: xgnomedicx@gmail.com
  16. Thanks, @Sgoast, great job to our northern neighbors as well! Can't wait to see what we can all do this year!
  17. Fantastic! Thanks, Mike!
  18. I should learn how to make those and offer them up too. It's a really great idea! This year, we're not doing a 24 hour event, but a 12 hour tabletop/dnd/boardgame day. Bet if I made a couple of those they'd go quickly as far as donations go! Mind if I use your idea? @Mike Clark
  19. Murderhobos..... Everyone's a dang murderhobo!! But yeah, what Nick said! I just use Heroforge and manipulate the screen shots. I got lazy for our game and didn't feel like coloring in the overhead tokens like I did with the images.
  20. Welcome to Extra Life, @Swiftmanifest! Like @Sean Rooney said, many of us are experienced in running 24 hour events! If we can offer any help and advice, please do not hesitate to ask!
  21. Why do you Extra Life? I've always wanted to be able to give back to my community, but, as a stout, dwarvish type of fellow, running a 5k marathon was out of the question. Instead, I found Extra Life! Playing video games to raise money in order to help kids directly in my own backyard? Kids that I transport in emergency situations to my local children's hospital? Yes. It was a no brainer. I signed up and never looked back. How long have you been participating? 2015 was my first year! I've been part of the EL stream team and had a blast at Extra Life United 2016! <3 (Miss you guys like WOAH!) What Hospital do you play for and why? Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago; as a paramedic, I am frequently transporting sick and injured kids to their emergency and standard care departments. This is very personal for me and I couldn't be more proud to be helping such an incredible facility in which I've witnessed, firsthand, the level of care these kids get thanks to the amazingly talented and loving staff. Are you a member of one of our Guilds? I am the secretary of the Chicago Guild. What do you do when you aren't helping kids? Full-time paramedic, full-time student at ASU, part-time streamer, blogger, and dungeon master. All-time gamer. Seriously. Games all the time! Anything else you'd like your fellow Extra Lifers to know about you! If you ever want to game, chat, or talk Extra Life strategies, feel free to hit me up! Best of luck with all of your gaming and fundraising this year! <3 <3 <3
  22. These are great!!! We started working on some dice bags as raffle items. Wiz Kids dice sets are definitely awesome. We just got a pound set in with 16 complete sets, a couple of randoms, and only 1 warped. Totally worth the investment to give away!
  23. Yes. Yes. And more yes. I miss everyone so much. T-T
  24. until
    Chip Damage 3 Rockford Gaming Tournament Join the third annual Chip Damage Tournament at the Hoffman House in Rockford, Illinois! All registration money will be donated to Extra Life! You can register for Street Fighter V, SSB U, Mortal Kombat XL, and Killer Instanct here: http://rockfordgamingtournaments.com/2016/03/chip-damage-3-registration-now-open/#more-160 If you'd like to help out at the table, please e-mail me: xgnomedicx@gmail.com
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