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  1. You are a saint, sir. All I really want every year are the text files so that I can change how they look to suit my design. So many of the other apps available force design/colour/font choices on me. Edit: I'm sorry but I'm not educated enough to run this application. I downloaded that Node program but it's just a command prompt? I don't understand anything I'm looking at in that zip package. Update: MajorLinux helped me, it turns out I had to use the command prompt in Windows to run this, Notepad to edit in my Extra Life participant ID. It works, thanks again! Update: I also figured out how to edit the file so it spits out team info instead of participant, which was my ultimate goal! Replace user ID with team ID, then edit a couple lines of code so it points to the teams directory instead of the participant directory.
  2. Further to Hansard, I'd double down on advertising, whether that be with your local media, social media, even going to other businesses and seeing if they'd partner with you to get the word out. Unless you already have a big following on Twitch I do not recommend focusing your efforts on it. Your best bet is to get local people in your store. In the long run sure, build a follower base on Twitch and you will eventually get donations there. But that isn't a short-term plan if you have a major event coming up.
  3. OK so here are the ones I've used in the past: (they have an Extra Life integration, still seems to work although I'd seen mention they no longer support EL): Here's an example of an overlay I built If Streampro doesn't work, use - goodness it's changed a lot since I last used it. Looks good though. An app built by a fellow Extra Lifer! Another app built by a fellow Extra Lifer! I use this one the most because it can output just text files, which you can then use in a variety of ways through your streaming software. Once I figured out how to install the Furore font on my computer this was the best way to go for me. Generally you're looking for cool ways to show your amount raised, possibly your goal and then how to display donation alerts. Hope these help!
  4. I've used a bunch of different tools in the past, from the XSplit Extra Life extension to a piece of software that can only be found on the forums here. I'm typing this reply on mobile and it's not easy to go navigate and give you links, but I'd say fish around these forums and you'll find some gems! Next time I get to my desktop I'll show some of the ones I like the best.
  5. Excited for this! Pokemon Go is one of the few games I've been able to keep my wife playing with me.
  6. until

    Here's Aizad's story:
  7. until

    Just got word that our champion child Aizad will be in attendance as well!
  8. until
    Join us for a 45-minute panel talking about Extra Life. Featuring Calgary Stampeders legend and 2013 Canadian male athlete of the year, we'll be introducing folks to Extra Life, sharing best practices and stories and hopefully inspiring people to raise money for the Alberta Children's Hospital. It'll be
  9. Just email the support team, they'll sort you out!
  10. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight! Will be around the main area plenty, say hi to your fellow Extra Lifers when you see the logo! Opening ceremonies start at 7 p.m. For the full schedule visit Note: If you're on a mobile browser you need to view the desktop version of the site to see the schedules
  11. I really enjoyed playing with the JoyCons apart, sprawled in my recliner, arms far apart but playing. Relaxing as all heck. That first paraglide is pretty epic no matter which direction you go.
  12. Who's playing it so far? Loving it? Just trained a horse last night. So rewarding!
  13. This idea has been brought up before and my personal opinion (I am not employed by Extra Life so please don't misconstrue this as their opinion) is that Extra Life shouldn't be backing any sort of competitive team, even through name association. There are too many things that can go wrong. It's a children's hospital charity, anything that remotely seems official would have to be sanctioned and risk taken on by Children's Miracle Network. Currently there is an Extra Life Twitch channel where a stream team broadcasts and spreads the word about Extra Life seven days a week. Might I suggest you inquire about that? The majority of streamers on the team aren't necessarily competitive but having a competitive person there could certainly boost profile. I'd suggest you could enter tournaments on your own or with a team and then if you wanted to donate part of your winnings to a hospital via Extra Life, that would be an amazing way to promote the charity without having to be labelled as representing the charity.
  14. Thursday is opening ceremonies and gaming with the kids - we did this after the tournament last year, this year it's at the start. I know some people are considering a park visit Thursday before opening ceremonies. I'm on the fence as I just want to spend time with as many friends as possible!
  15. Agreed, time will be an enemy. Not going to stop me from signing up for all my games though.
  16. All registered participants in United should have received a sign-up email. You sign up for games in six different slots - each slot has two tabletop and two video game options. Every one of the 12 games shows up in two slots ensuring you should be able to play the games you want to, up to a maximum of six. I'm really happy with how this is being run. There should be no confusion among participants - presuming they have read the rules in advance.
  17. I'm only assuming so will wait for the bosses to chime in, but expect wave winners to meet in playoffs per game
  18. Unless you like the distressed look of course. Or you never plan to use the system without a skin of some sort
  19. SW-0397-9853-5300 And yes, I'm aware the SW is redundant.
  20. I'm pretty sure it's still the same cards and tokens - just a different sized box. I'm sure @LeaveIt2Beaver will correct me if I'm wrong though.
  21. You'll be able to sign up for specific games later. You haven't missed anything.
  22. Yay more Canadians! I'm already setting up a meet and greet with the Canadian champions on the Thursday night.
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