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  1. Howdy all! In two weeks, we'll have booths at the SL Gaming Con and at the YouTube convention in Orem, CVX Live. If you're interested in manning the booth with some other Extra Lifers to try and talk to passerbys about what Extra Life does, and encouraging them to sign up, participate, and fundraise, then check out the Google Doc sign ups below! The Docs have all the info but I'll reiterate - if there is only one slot you can (and want to) volunteer during and it is taken, please email me and we will rearrange. If there is time you can (and want to) volunteer during that doesn't fit exactly into a shift, please email me and we will accommodate. If you can't make it to either event, that is 100% okay! There will be more opportunities throughout the fall SL Gaming Con:…/12g7WaDUDCZaU9D1qG1zi6qM9j7…/edit… CVX Live:…/1mtjvbEQ7YxlHhoNWQHpNiGWyU9…/edit… Thanks again! EDIT: Apologies - I should also explain that we have complimentary badges, 3 for Gaming Con and 2 for CVX Live. So you will not need to buy tickets to Gaming Con/CVX Live if you wanted to kind of see the hubbub and also donate your time. We would need the exhibitor badges back after your shift so other volunteers could use them.Thanks!
  2. Howdy all! Apologies for the late post but at our most recent guild meeting on 7/15, we covered some fundraising tips and tricks vetted by Kiersten and shared the past two years by Extra Lifers. As we roll forward with fundraising, hopefully these will help you! Check out the tips below and add any of your own as a comment! Make Extra Life personal - Remove the default text and explain who you are, what you're doing, and why your Extra Lifing. Tell the story of why you're doing Extra Life. Your friends and family are more likely to take the time to donate if you have demonstrated your commitment by personally explaining why they should give.Post a photo - If you've Extra Lifed before, do you have a photo from last year's marathon? If you're Extra Lifing in honor of someone or something, post a photo of that person or thing.Set a meaningful goal - While the default goal is $100 (or $200 if you went platinum for the swag), set a goal that you can tell a story with as you make your appeals. Even after you have created your own account, you can change your goal! Doc at Children's Miracle Network provided some great examples:Set a goal related to the person your honoring through Extra Life. In 2011, Doc set a goal of $5,415, or five dollars for each and every day that his friend Tori fought her leukemia.Raise $10 for each healthy year of your own childhood.Raise a quarter for each child treated at Primary Children's Hospital each year.Add a video - Use your cell phone to record yourself sharing why you Extra Life. If you're camera shy, youc an upload a patient story from the Primary Children's Hospital YouTube channel. The best way to tell the hospital's story is through our patients.Include Primary Children's Hospital facts and figures - One of the other things that we all know helps is understanding the hospital that we are supporting! Kiersten posted some great, recent statistics about how much Extra Life helps kids at Primary Children's.Advertise Extra Life events on social media - It sounds self-serving but if people are already going to conventions that Extra Life SLC Guild will be at, telling them to stop by the Extra Life booth will give them a real life connection and from there they may be more inclined to get involved, either through donation or by signing up themselves.Talk to people about Extra Life - Again, it is that face-to-face connection that will inspire people to take action, more than passive, social media posts.Invite people individually - Last year, one of the SLC Guild fundraising all stars talked about how he picked one person during a month to call or sit down with over a meal and talk about why he was participating in Extra Life and how much it meant to him. He made sure he picked someone who he believed would really like to donate, and had the means to, but perhaps hadn't been aware of it or hadn't been given an opportunity to donate.No pressure sales tactics - You don't have to apologize or excuse your way out of a donation or sign up but if someone doesn't want to donate or join up (even if they love playing games) that's okay. It's better to leave someone with a positive interaction of the hospital or Extra Life rather than turning it into a negative experience due to badgering.Be excited! - Extra Life isn't just some thing that you're doing. You've committed to putting in a lot of work to make a difference for sick kids! That's awesome! Excitement is infectious and can inspire action. People love Primary Children's Hospital. Don't be shy about talking about what you're doing. People will be impressed!Be open - If people can't donate money, that's all right. They can contribute/help you in a lot of different ways. I had many friends who couldn't donate money but shared my fundraising page on their profiles. I had friends who didn't sign up to play because I hadn't spread the word to them well enough last year, but watched my stream, shared my stream, and played games that day to support me. If someone is interested but can't stream or they're interested but only really play card games - all are welcome! Even if people can't give money, everyone has a network. Who do they know who can help or may have a personal reason for wanting to help.Think outside the box - Company matching? Company posting through corporate social media? School teams? Company teams? School events or matching? Think outside the box!
  3. Hey Drgonfi! When I walk through the first two steps of sign-up on, I see the option to play for Primary Children's Hospital. The label is "UT- Primary Children's Hospital." That's the one right next to the medical Trax stop, near the University hospital on the hill. Is that the one you were thinking of, or some place else?
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