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  1. Just tried it, and the team isn't showing up, but others are. Hmm?
  2. I'm having issues with those wanting to join my team. For example @LeaveIt2Beaver my girlfriend wants to joins the guild team. When I'm in her account and click join I get to this page below each time. Pretty sure other users are getting this too. When I put her name and email it states what you see below... I think everyone is having issues joining teams in general. Also, my check box in team settings it unchecked so don't think it's a "closed" team. Team: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=33564 GF's page: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=265230
  3. @Dapper Orangutan Is it treating it as if the person is creating a new Extra Life account too? If so I'm having same issue.
  4. Hey all! As some of you remember in a past post of mine about a Minecraft server. Creeper host has provided a server, which can be used for games or our choice. While Minecraft is a work in progress it is LIVE and if you'd like to help with it that would be great. As stated with this title it's an Unofficial server for those looking for people to play with or just a place to hang out. The address to access is ExtraLifeServer.playat.ch As for Terraria it's the same address as above. If you have questions or would like to help with the servers just message me on type below.
  5. Alright, the link is below. Right now the Terraria server is live, the URL is ExtraLifeServer.playat.ch. Right now the Minecraft server is live, but if you're good with multiverse please inform me and give ideas so the worlds and ideas can be added to the server. For the time being you can spawn into Creative, Survival, Plot World, then I have to commands you can type in to chat that teleport you to Skyblock or Acid Island. The link is also ExtraLifeServer.playat.ch to access that as well.
  6. Hello Everyone! Sorry, been quite busy per my day job. As of today SERVER is live, but still a work in progress that I'd love to have some of you help with too. I also had to sign some contracts with the host since they are providing the sever for Extra Lifers and public to use. Also, BONUS!!! The host has also setup a server for those of you that play Terraria for Extra Lifers too!!!! Just got the email and uploading the Zip file for the server and they are turning on Terraria server for me. Please message me for the IP or URL to access servers for either game. You may share with others if they can help get the server in working order in terms of other places and more.
  7. Odd to me, all my donations were online. Is just mine or WV as a whole? Is it for the 2017 year or 2016? My total right now is 525.50, what does it show for you?
  8. The sever IP hasn't been set up just yet. Both Creeper Host and I are getting plugins and other features rolling and making sure now bugs come up since running 1.11.2 version of Minecraft. Got to make sure the server is stable before it goes live for everyone.
  9. Yeah, keep me updated. Trying to let everyone decide on the server since I can pick any level and size of server. The company is providing a free-of-charge server of our choice.
  10. That would be good. Have any ideas? Also, for those of you reading. Pitch ideas for a server name. I'm not sure unless we get the okay from @LeaveIt2Beaver and others if we can "name" it the "Official" Extra Life Minecraft server. I'm more than happy giving admin access to the server to the them too, just a few of us help manage and keep the world up-to-date or even add new features.
  11. Alright, spoke with others. The overall vote is a Minecraft server, would we like a normal server, modded server, or one with tons of nice plugins and features? I've got access to Minecraft worlds that have mini-games, I have pre-built main hubs, which we can explore, or do you all have ideas?
  12. Hello fellow West Virginia Extra Lifers! Be on the lookout for a possible Guild Kickoff in April 2017, I'll get more information and post once I have it. On the topic of posting on the forums. Let's get posting on setting up game nights on games like Minecraft, Ark, Halo, name a game. Some of you reading if you happen to be near Clarksburg, WV that's a plus for at least me and some fellow Extra Lifers in within West Virginia. One place I'd like to start holding meetings in-person each month of course is at Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming Clarksburg, which is located at the mall. This location is great since you'll be able to play Magic and check out many other awesome things the store has to offer. You'll also be seeing time to time myself and others recruiting to sign people up for Extra Life at this location. How much did we raise for 2016? Last year, we raised over $25,000. This is more than the year before! GREAT JOB! This helped obtain 7 cameras and a secure server for the NICU! Stay tuned for details in this forum for those that read for our upcoming online meeting, which will be held on Discord. I know lately we've been lacking on some meetings, but when all us leaders can't open up the free time since our jobs have been weird in hours. It's finally a slow down time, which we can pick up and talk, plans out the upcoming conventions within West Virginia. As well as helping with the Pitt. PA guild at Tekko. As per the event at Tekko, so far at least the VP, Sec. and I will most likely be helping at Tekko along with @K8Morosky. If you'd like to help please contact K*8 or I. The event is this April. Well until then, expect another post in the coming days from me about the time and link to the Discord.
  13. Noted! Also, per your message to me. Email me so I can loop you into an email with a few WV Extra Lifers that can help at Tekko.
  14. Hello Everyone that views this. As of yesterday I got the email from creeperhost.net to go in, pick ANY server and more for us to use for Extra Life. I want those of you reading this to head to https://www.creeperhost.net/, glance at all the games we can have a server for. Do you play starbound more, Minecraft, Just Cause 2 MP mod, or even Ark? I'm sending an email over to Extra Life / CMN about this as well. The reason I did this overall is so everyone in Extra Life can have a place to game with others. Who wants to play Ark or even Minecraft solo? Why not have a sever full of Extra Lifers having fun.
  15. I think both Alex and I may be able to help out. I mean Pitt. is only like 2 hours out if that. What all would you need from us? I think both Alex and I may be able to help out. I mean Pitt. is only like 2 hours out if that. What all would you need from us?
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