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  1. Good evening everyone, Sorry for the delay in sending these notes. I've been a bit busy. 8/28/2016 Meeting officially began at 11:17. Those in attendance: Janna, Alanna, Andrew, Jackie (scribe) Andy gave the rundown on the Sandemonium convention. Con-goers were not as enthusiastic about the prospect of helping raise money for kids. While most people seemed interested in gaming for 24 hrs, they lost interest when it came to the fund raising piece. At this point it does not seem worthwhile to attend Sandemonium next year. Janna mentioned that they have a new pop up banner for the table. The general items are not low and do not need replenished. We spoke about what new items to add for swag, such as lanyards, pens, magnet buttons. Janna mentioned that she found a reasonable vendor for lanyards. Maintaining the offline sign up sheets allows Sacred Heart to collect the email addresses for sending out welcome emails. When they use the app, Sacred Heart cannot access the emails since they go to CMN National. Janna will work with Sean Jordan about the high school gaming event. Nate has not been in contact recently and Janna will reach out to him? Andy brought up Board 2 Death Games, who are trying to run little monthly gaming events. They asked if we would be interested in joining them for the game day they host. Janna – mentioned a Dance Marathon that is used for fund raising. Would we be interested in partnering with a Dance Marathon at the community colleges or universities? MORE GUILD MEMBERS! Andy had tried to recruit some people from Merlyn’s Games but after a while they stopped showing. Maybe it is because we don’t play games and just do business stuff? Is it possible to get more data to see if our convention work is working? Is our efforts bringing in more monies? Is it possible to see how many people have signed for Sacred Heart as their hospital? How quickly is the welcome email going out? Thank you for reading this and your continued support. Have a great evening, -Andrew
  2. Good morning everyone, Just as a quick heads up this Saturday is Sandemonium, doors to convention open around 10am. Then the con runs until 5pm. Info here: https://www.facebook.com/sdptsandemonium/ If you'd like to stop by say hi or have any questions we're all ears! We're also having a meeting this Sunday at 11am at The Gamer's Haven in the Valley. Just North of the Pines exit. Hope to see you there, -Andrew
  3. We'll be at the Convention Center Saturday 8am-10pm and Sunday 10am-6pm. We'll be in the Exhibitor Hall most of the day, and then the Game Room after that. Hope to see you there!
  4. July 10th Skype meetingGood afternoon everyone, With our meeting concluded these are the notes I have: In attendance, Alanna, Jackie, Collin and myself. Andrew and Alanna will bring the supplies to the Convention Center July 29th at 5-6pm to get setup for KuroNekoCon (July 30th and 31st). Andrew and Collin will then go from 8am-4pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday Jackie and Alanna will go from 3pm-11pm Saturday and 3pm-8pm Sunday. Bringing the supplies home with them afterwards. *We will need the dip jars in order to take donations for raffle tickets. Janna met with me and gave me offline sign up sheets and flyers to hand out. We've also got a bunch of buttons for swag as well! Alanna, Jackie, Collin and myself will likely be able to make it Coeur D'Con (August 13th). Depending upon how many supplies we use at KuroNekoCon we may need more. Alanna, Jackie and myself will likely be able to make it Sandemonium (August 27th). Depending upon how many supplies we use at the previous cons we may need more. Our next in person Guildmeeting will be August 28th at 11am at The Gamer's Haven in the Valley. We have not heard any news yet about Mr. Jordan or working with NC. If you have any questions or if I had missed something please feel free to let me/us know. tl;dr Cons are a go, not sure the status on NC partnership. Thank you for your time, -Andrew
  5. End of this month is KuroNekoCon and there's some items to discuss. This will also be Janna's first official meeting with us, but will do a more formal meeting next month. We'll be meeting at 11am on Skype. If you are interested please send me your Skype nickname, if you haven't already. Thank you everyone, I hope to see many of you there.
  6. Meeting to discuss KuroNekoCon, results of meeting with Mr. Fisk, introducing new members and other updates. It's not a meeting to miss! It's this Sunday (6/12) at 10:45 AM at The Gamer's Haven!
  7. I would add the link and send it. If they get back to you, awesome. If not then we'd need to work something else out.
  8. Hi guys, So I'm filling out the vendor app for the convention and one of the rules is that we'll have to stay at the booth if we want to recruit people. They don't want us wandering around. We can if we acquire a "street vendor license". This is not a KuroNekoCon specific rule, I think it's a convention center rule. We'll receive up to four (4) badges and we'll get a 10'x6' chunk of space, with 1 8'x2' table and 2 chairs. We may get more since we'll probably be aiding with the raffle though. The raffle's prizes will be picked out by the KuroNekoCon team. The con is July 30th and 31st. Thank you, -Andrew
  9. Thank you for writing this up. I'm sorry for not having checked sooner. I like the letter it's short sweet and to the point. What do you think about adding in a link to the Extra Life website in the initial email?
  10. Tiny_Sandwich


    We currently have 4 active members in the guild, though some are interested in joining. As for "spreading the word" I am talking about getting folks to sign up. This year we're focusing on cons. Last year we tried general public events, but rarely had any interest.
  11. Tiny_Sandwich


    Good morning Mike, At the moment our guild is pretty good at meeting up. I think what we need more is the time and ability to reach out to more people and spread the word. Due to our smaller size it is difficult to get as much done as we'd like. Any suggestions? Thank you, -Guild president Andrew
  12. Good morning Nate, Welcome to Extra Life, we're always looking to do more. We'll be having a meeting on Skype Sunday after next. If you'd like to discuss this with the guild you're welcome to join. Check out my post in the guild meeting thread for more info. Thank you for reaching out to us, sorry for the delayed response, -Guild President Andrew
  13. We've got a few things to discuss. How does a Skype meeting at 10:30 am on the 15th work for you? Originally it was going to be the 8th, however some things have come up and I would prefer it moved. Let me know if the updated date works for you as well. PM me your Skype name if you have not done so yet. Thank you, -Guild President Andrew
  14. Guild calendar for 2016+ We will meet the 2nd Sunday of each month. If a date doesn't work well we'll change as needed. Please mark your calendars. April 10th – meeting in person at Gamer's Haven April ? - Gaming with kids May 7th – Sandemonium May 8th – meeting via Skype June 12th – meeting in person at Gamer's Haven July 10th – meeting via Skype July 30th - 31st – KuroNekoCon + Guild Tournament July ? - Gaming with teens August 13th – Coeur d’Con August 14th – meeting in person at Gamer's Haven September 11th – meeting via Skype October 9th – meeting in person at Gamer's Haven October ? - Gaming with kids November 5th – Extra Life! November 13th – meeting via Skype December 11th - meeting in person at Gamer's Haven January 8th – meeting via Skype January ? - Cafe gaming February 12th – meeting in person at Gamer's Have
  15. Good morning everyone, How does a Skype meeting on the 11th at 11am sound for people? This would constitute our guild meeting for March.
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