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  1. No worries, just thought I would check. I am looking at writing my own app too as a learning exercise. I don't have any experience with Node or JavaScript so why not use the EL API to help learn a bit?
  2. Loving this app. I have a couple of questions for the developer... 1. Is it possible change the path where the files get written? 2. Is it possible to get a file that shows participant total raised / goal and team total / team goal? Thanks, Matt
  3. until
    Urban Swirl will be hosting an community giveback night benefitting Extra Life and CMN Hospitals on Wednesday April 25th from 12PM - 9PM. After the event, they will donate 20% of the revenue generated from the event. Simply bring in a copy of the attached coupon or simply tell the cashier that you are there for the Extra Life event. We will also have a table set up for people to learn more at Extra Life and sign up if they are interested. For the most up to date info please follow the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1478785255566792/
  4. The size of the EL community has also grown nearly exponential over the last several years. What if they were to do a trial run with a limited amount of merch and when it's gone it's gone, to "test the waters" again and see if there is enough interest.
  5. I posted this all over social media yesterday, and while I was not able to "fill" my hospital with Pi we did get a couple slices
  6. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, and community to fill your hospital with Pi today by donating $3.14! A fun way engage with your community.
  7. This year I was introduced to Bee The Swarm, a crowdfunding platform that uses revenue from free mobile video games to fund good causes from around the world! The goal is to build a greener, friendlier, smarter, and more loving planet where people from all around the world have a fun and easy way to help each other build a better future. How it works: People play the FREE mobile games created by Bee The Swarm and earn bees. These bees can be donated to any number of swarm campaigns going on. Once a campaign receives enough bees, Bee The Swarm makes a contribution to your cause. I started a campaign for Extra Life and have already received a $50 donation and am working now on an additional $60 donation. To get started use the link provided above and create a FREE account as well as a FREE campaign. Download the 5 FREE mobile games and start playing. Next you start inviting your friends to join and start playing (friends do not need to start a campaign). The more people you get to play for your cause the faster you will reach your milestones. It has been a really cool, easy, and free way to help raise money for Extra Life. I hope you all check it out.
  8. First some background. This was my third year doing Extra Life. By day I am a software engineer focusing mainly on C#/.NET application development. I have a domain and a website already set up with my own instance of Wordpress (http://wirejunky.net). Now, how exactly do I get started utilizing the Extra Life API on my Wordpress site? I don't really have a clear idea what I even want to do with the data yet, but once I understand how to use it, it might help spark some ideas for what to do with it. I am a complete newbie when it comes to JSON and web development, so any help with getting started would be much appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  9. My Extra Life page My Twitch page I haven't yet set up a game schedule yet, but I have a retro console setup and am considering setting up a pay to play time. The donor gets to choose what game I play on NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis.
  10. RT @BricksToLife: Woohoo! Our First Giveaway! Win A Doc Brown Fun Pack! Visit https://t.co/viHpB7jbRw To Enter! #LegoDimensions #Lego https…
  11. #blizzard2016 Log 3: Snow is already covering the roads and starting to accumulate in the grass
  12. RT @appleinsider: Grab the lowest prices ever offered on Apple's most popular 2015 MacBooks & iMacs this week https://t.co/uBx8jOcZ3b https…
  13. @gloom_315 Congrats on hitting your #ExtraLife goal. Need to see a pic of the tatoo when you get it!
  14. I just raised $15.00 for local @CMNHospitals thru @ExtraLife4Kids. You can donate too! https://t.co/7eplhJtIsm #EXTRALIFE
  15. I just unlocked the exclusive 2015 @ExtraLife4Kids Gold Hero medal by raising $1000 for #EXTRALIFE!
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