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  1. Thanks guys, good advice all around. I'm drafting a reddit message for the community manager of the dev team of a game I play frequently, and I'm going to try and set one evening aside to game and stream. thanks agains
  2. Howdy folks, So last year I raised $600 plus bucks, and was streaming most weeknights and playing a ton. This year I have more lofty goals but a bit of a conundrum. I welcomed my beautiful little girl into the world in January. She's awesome, parenthood is awesome, but between working 55 hour weeks and then doing daddy duty, my gaming time is a bit lacking. Gaming time lacking means stream time is lacking. Stream time lacking means fundraising on twitch isn't exactly going to go swimmingly. I am sure I am not the only gamer here who has a young child in their care. What are your tips and tricks? Thanks pals!
  3. It went well, thanks. I got myself a few new twitch followers, a few of them hopping in to play games with me which was pretty fun. I raised $625, which I think was pretty awesome for finding about Extra Life in mid september and being without a personal facebook and not using email to involve all my contacts. Next year, definitely going to go heavier on that and start sooner in the year. Eating properly and drinking mostly water or orange juice was a godsend. I was able to get to hour 19 before I broke down and had a half a can of an energy drink to help me power through. That said though, after coming down with a sinus infection on the wednesday prior and not being 100% made those last few hours pretty miserable. That last hour was a grind of playing super sloppy and glancing at the clock far too much. But hey, I ended it at 23:58 with the equalizing and then winning intel cap in TF2. I figured that I was not going to end it any better than that- definitely became a twitch highlight. Looking forward to next year!
  4. I got the invite but it's just not gonna match up this year with the dates and my wife being pregnant! Next year!
  5. I LOVE IT! My mom can cross stitch, I need to have her do this for me!
  6. Just got mine too! On the same day that I hit $500. A shirt and an eventual medal in one day- not too shabby. On to the next goal! Keep up the good work everyone! -trip
  7. Question was answered. Emails should be coming out later this week to anyone else in the same boat! thanks!
  8. Hey all I received an email from Extra Life on Sept 2nd saying that I had new threads coming my way, and to look for an email soon about how to redeem my tee shirt from raising $250. I have gotten no follow up email since, checked my spam folder and everything. Am I missing something? I want to wear my shirt when I stream to show support! Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks, -Trip
  9. I'll be bouncing around. Probably a fair amount of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, and some other stuff. Definitely need to grind out some stubborn achievements on my Xbox too though...
  10. Thank you, I ended up raising 129 bucks for it. Not a bad way to open up something like that! I am adding follows as well as more people post
  11. mine is I am about to go live in Borderlands 2, where I am going to be donating money based upon my loot from 4-6pm EST. $1/green, $3/blue, $5/purple, $7/orange, $10/Pearl - Should be an interesting little loot experiment! -trip
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